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Maryann Toth
Hi Christine, It has been so wonderful to have the opportunity to meet you.  I will miss our Wed. morning chats but so happy that you are close to delivering your precious baby.  You will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers the rest of the week, on Friday as well as the coming weeks.  You have been an inspiration to me.  Keep praying...God hears and will answer them all!   I look forward to having you and your Mom join us for prayers in the near future.  Take good care!  Will be in touch again.  Maryann Toth
Diana Kosinski ()

Hi Christine,

Got your message before.  Just continue to stay positive.  I know all the bleeding isn't easy but you're almost there.  Your baby boy is getting stronger each day.  I hope to come see you soon. 

Marlene ()
Good Afternoon Christine. . . it was fun reading the entries on your journal and catching up on how you are doing.  SOOO HAPPY you are already 29 weeks and heading toward 30 weeks soon enough.  Nice to hear you have a room with a view of the park and are getting through each day watching TV, reading, using computer, have visitors, etc.   You will be home soon enough!  All is well here.  Just busy as usual and YES we do miss you joining us for coffee each morning at work.  Talk soon!!  Rest and take care. XOXO
What a great idea to have an online journal! It helps keep you occupied and updates all of us. Sorry to see the strict bed rest but we're glad that you are safe and being taken care of in the hospital. Stay well and talk to you soon.

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