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I have a 13 yr ol who has been either in school suspension or out of school suspension more than he has been in class all thru out his school yrs and now the teachers and principal is getting really fed up with it I dont know what else I can do the money is tight for us right now so we cant afford his MEDS what else is there i can do he hates school because he already has a bad rep
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Name: shaun newton | Date: Oct 19th, 2010 9:11 AM
im 16 now and ive been were he is i would suggest some kind of support outside of school or an extra curricular activity that he can really ge tstuck into because it gives him something to focus on, also probbly the most important thing of all is that he knows hes allways got support at home, hope this can help at all , shaun 

Name: dami | Date: Dec 29th, 2010 8:05 AM
look my daughter went the sman stuff; its just teenage years; its middle school; they got so fed up with my daughter and they kicked her out of school; she was attening options; it wasnt the best for her but it sure did help; theym gave her cousling and angermangement classes; now she is a freshman; she has not got suspended this year or in so much trouble; she's been to the office like 5 times but no serious things; just tell him to straightin up or its gonna back on to him; my daughter had to learn the hard way out through things; she gets along with alot of people and teachers; 

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