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I am a 45 year old Grandmother-and I have ADHD. Two of my three children also have ADHD. One is my 16 year old son and the other is my 23 year old daughter. I also have 1 niece and 2 nephews with ADHD. The problem is with my 4 year old grandson. Because ADHD runs so strong in our family-and because I see it and deal with it every day, I am pretty sure that my grandson has the same problem although we have not yet had him tested. So whether he has it or not, and whether he will have to be medicated or not is not the question. He started preschool 2 months ago. Yesterday his teacher informed my daughter that all of the other kids in the class have learned thier letters and numbers...and, so far, he hasn't even mastered the letter A. If she writes the letter A on a piece of paper-he can write it....but if she turns the paper over after he has written it 10 times and asks him to write it, he can't remember how to write it. Also, he only "knows" his numbers up to the number 4...He has actually learned the number 1, as for the numbers 2-4, he can't look at them and tell you what the numbers are-he "counts the ends". The number 2 has two "ends"...the number 3 has three "ends"...the number 4 has four "ends"....so now he calls the number 5 a two, the number 6 he doesn't know at all. Learning his colors hasn't gone any better. If you ask him what color something is his first guess is always orange. You can work with him everyday for a week on the color blue, and everyday it's like starting from the beginning-at the end of the week if you put 2 colors in front of him and ask him to pick out the blue...he has a 50-50% chance of getting it right...if you put 5 colors in front of him he doesn't know which one is blue...he "can't remember". I guess what I would like to know is if anybody else has ever had problems similar to this-what they have found out about it-if this has something to do with ADHD or some other kind of learning disability-or even if thier child had the same problem and just outgrew it. Also if somebody knows of a different way to teach a child like him who can't seem to retain any of the information, I would sure be happy to try anything at this point. Thank you
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