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My 5 y/o son (almost 6) has had behaviour problems for some time. Mostly we thought it was just poor behaviour, fixable with consistant discipline and praise. We have tried everything from time-outs, rewards for good behaviour, looked at his diet, researched etc. Some things worked a little, but not for any length of time.

He is violent to others, has huge outbursts of anger, frustration and tears. He steals, lies, is getting in trouble at school. He is such a beautiful boy it is so frustrating to watch.

I have not long started to take him to a psychologist which is draining emotionally and financially. He has not yet been diagnosed and it seems forever between appointments.

On top of all this my ex is fighting me every step of the way, saying there are no issues and I'm just not disciplining him properly.

Can anyone suggest any techniques to deal with the violent behaviour and outbursts while we go through this initial phase? My partner is more of a father to my son than his real dad ever was, and is supportive, but obviously frustrated and concerned about his 2 children who are older, but also subject to the violence and behaviour.

Someone please help! This is really effecting my relationship with my partner, my son, and my son's relationship with his siblings.

My e-mail is [email protected]

Thanks everyone
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