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Huff, I am at my wits end with this child. I absolutely love him to death, BUT HES DRIVING ME CRAZY!

Since him and his twin sister were born it has been a consistent battle with him. As a new born he demanded attention. as a toddler he was aggressive and defiant. All the while he is brilliant.

In the last two years it has been a whirlwind of temper tantrums & screaming matches.

Last year he had tubes put in his ears, because he was constantly having ear infections, we also realized at that point that he only had 75% of his hearing because his ear tubes were actually blocked with fluid, once the tubes went in he was a little better for a little while because then he could actually hear us talking to him.

Since then, I have been taking him to different doctors to try and have his behavior addressed. It took 4 and one year to finally find someone that recognized that there is something wrong.

He was identified finally, and given 10mg of adderal. We did the 10mg for a month, and it seemed to work the way that it should (or as i read it should) for the first two weeks, then we saw a huge decline, and his behavior was so much worse then what it was before we started the medication.

Since then we have seen a second doctor. and the medication was increased to 15 mg, he has been taking this for 2 days now, and it seems to be working...but for how long i don't know. In order to get him to take his medication i have to open the capsule and sprinkle it over yogurt.

He was also prescribed another drug this time to help with sleeping and temper tantrums. its called risperidone. he takes a very mild dosage, but i have yet to see a difference.

We are all about routines here, We do everything the same every day, if there is a change then I make sure that i give him notice that we have a doctors appointment sometimes days before, then hours and then minutes, and it seems to help, sometimes.

anyways, I dont know if anyone else has experienced any of this before, All this medication is all new to me, at first i tired everything that i could to not to have to medicate him. But it seems that this is my only option. baby steps.
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