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My son will be six next month and he has been taking Concerta since mid last year. He started on Ritalin which did not
help him at all and actually made him worse. Then we switched to Concerta 18mg and he did well on this dose for about 6 months, then early this year
the dosage did not seem to be working any longer and the doctor increased to 27mg. 6 months on and his school teacher and myself are finding that he
has become tolerant to this dosage and he is behaving quite irratically at school and hard to control. (I have been to the school on a weekly basis to chat with his
teacher about his behaviour) I am now at my wits end and do not know if increasing the dosage will do any good! Will it only last another 6 months
before his body becomes tolerant to the next dosage? What will I do when he is older? He is only in Kindergarden....I really am lost as to what would
be the best thing to do for him as without the medication he does not learn at all as he is a very high percentile ADHD. My son did not begin to
learn until he was put on the medication, he is still behind in his class but is doing alot better than before he was on the medication. I really
need some help with this one!
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