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my 4 yr. old daughter will not stop grabbing and torturing my roommates dog no matter what her punishment is or consequence. she is not comprehending that the dog is going to bite her and possibly kill her. i have sat down and tried to explain this to her. she has been put in timeout repeatedly and also had spankings. the dog has nipped her in the face by her eye already and we thought that would of scared her but it didn't. she also keeps running out the front door across the street and doesn't comprehend that a car is going to hit her or she is going to be taken. she is remorseful when i reprimand her and says she won't do it again and i walk out of the room and she goes straight for the dog or the door again.. over and over everyday. Help!! i am so scared she is going to get bit and blinded or something horrible. i don't know what to do. my roommate is not going to put the dog in the kennel all day or outside, these are indoor dogs that are very loved and shouldn't be punished for this..what should i do??
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