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My 7 year old step daughter sepnds exactly half of her time with her Dad and I. She is a well behaved, playful, pleasant child. We have NEVER witnessed event the smallest of temper tantrums (not even when she was 2 or 3 yeras old). She also spends much time with my family and his family and has never acted out or misbehaved.
She is a completely different child with her mom - she has a temper, she yells and screams at her, throws things at her and hits her (this is all verified by her older brother that has witnessed it).
In school, she struggles a bit with math, but has done very well with reading after being helped by the resource team. She has been described by her teachers as "active" but never as "bad".
Is it possible that she has ADHD but NEVER sdispkys symptoms with her dad and I or our families????
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