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I am doing a college corse (welsh bacc), its an individual investigation on adhd and how hard it was not just for the parents but for the child before they were diagnosed with adhd.
what hurdles did you have to go through.
how much help did you get and advise you recieve.
what where the medical bodies like with you all and what where the educational bodies doin to help.
if anyone was interested on commenting please feel free and as all help will be appreciated
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Name: Tammy | Date: Jan 11th, 2011 10:24 PM
Alot depends on how proactive you are as a parent. The school was the first to notice my son had it in kindergarten. He has ADD, not ADHD. Then we had him tested and started on meds. When the medications started getting complicated, we went to a child psychiatrist and he was also tested by a neuropsychologist to see exactly what his brain was up to. I've gotten excellent help from the school, we're in a good district, but friends I know in more rural areas have a lot of problems. The schools don't have the funding to have the best programs. If your child has ADD-move to a good district, it's key to their success. You must stay positive with your child, he feels terrible having it, he knows he is differenct. It's a constant battle, parents have to be organized. A lot of parents don't understand how important it is to get help as soon as possible. You can't be in denial. They won't grow out of it, you can't discipline it out of them. Men really have a problem thinking something is wrong with their kids. It really sucks, it keeps me awake at night, but it's something you just have to deal with. Good luck on your research. It's a very interesting subject. 

Name: TrishAnn | Date: Jan 15th, 2011 12:25 AM
It's been really tough with my son having the ADHD. First off you get the rude comments that your child is "different". You know what they are different but people don't understand the ADHD. Children caun't help some of the things they do...sure they want to be better but with their chemical imbalance it's hard for them to. As far as the medical help....I've had a hard time, I've taken him to see one of the best doctors around here for it. Sure I was told he for sure had it, but then the freaking paperwork with his school to get thei opinion on things, the mothers, etc...i cant understand it but it's ALOT of work. Then...you have to take them to therapy and the child doesn't understand why. Sitting in a waiting room for 2 hours and the children HAVE to be quiet but keeping in mind how children with ADHD are..that's tough especially when he's 5. I wasn't really told that much about the ADHD I was just told he needed to be put on riddlin...for some reason all doctors think that is the best medication for them to go on. YEAH RIGHT...have you ever looked up info on those. To be honest...I've learned more from looking up information on the internet on my own than I could from any professional. 

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