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i have a 9yr old son who has ADHD every week its something with the school they always suspend him over stupid stuff hes not fighting the students or stealing or cursing they say hes not listening so they suspend him instead of working with him so there not helping me at all they make him out to look like a lier i dont know who to believe. One insident he got into it with another student they suspend him not the other i thought that wasnt fair the other kids said the boy started it but yet he the only one suspended im frustrated i dont know what to do i feel like just giving up sometimes.I need help he suspened now for not listening to me thats not a reason to suspend him thats a reason to help him if they help me ill do my part here at home only solution for them is suspension they now he has a problem lets try something new instead of taking his learning away the problems are not in the class its outside of class hes on the honor roll they cant see the good in him only the bad i just need someone to talk to i seen this sight i didnt feel so alone anymore i feel better that im not the only one maybe we can help each other because they r messing him up for the next school i cant even transfer him cause they made him seem like a trouble maker if anything go wrong and hes there he did it like a cell phone came up missing from the teacher they automatically said he took it they found it someone else had it it was an older student they never apologized to him he looks so sad now all i can do is cry for him i dont know what to do.
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Name: Katlang | Date: Oct 30th, 2010 3:37 AM
Has your son been DiAGNOSED with ADHD? If he has, is he on medication? If he has been diagnosed with ADHD, I suggest you check into the "504 plan" through the school. If he is on that plan the school has to deal with his disabilities (not listening or paying attention) in a different manner. I know what you are talking about when you say you cry for him-been there, done that. Life is very tough on these kids...and the ones that love them. 

Name: audrey..1 | Date: Nov 30th, 2010 10:41 AM
hi sonya i am sorry to hear about the problems u r having to have but i would take my son out of that school and try to find him somwhere els . i would also want to ask u does he go to a normal school or does he go to a special needs school for his adhd coz i find that iff i put my son into a normal school the teacher wount understand my son ways and he is 3 now but as i have put my son in a place with other children like my son i find that evan the teachers understand yr child better and that helps as they r more understanding as the other teachers aint iff u know what i meen ? i hope it works out for u soon m8 

Name: karla | Date: Feb 2nd, 2011 2:10 AM
I am at the end of my strings here,, nothing has helped my adhd kid ,, he is 10 ,, I was just told yesterday that the principal wants him to put him in that 504 program... anyone knows about this... 

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