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Name: bronzemare
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Lawyer currently has a situation available, if you would like to contact her.

It will not be a adoption, but will be treated as a surrogacy surrogacy situation, baby conceived via IVF and donor embryos.

Caucasian Infant, as embryos used where caucasian, however gestational carrier is of colour.

Carrier is in Nebraska however birth will occur in California!

PBO will be issued for the Intended parents, meaning names of new parents names will be put on the birth certificate, no adoption neccesary, no homestudy needed! The minute the baby is born, parents will have 100% custody!

Birthmother, is getting prenatal care, non smoker, non drinker, heatlhy lifestyle.

Ultrasound has been preformed, showing a single baby!

Lawyer holds proof of pregnancy.

No physical or medical health problems, from surrogate or from donors.

Will consider any couple/single, gay welcome to apply.

If you are interested and have any questions, please direct them to lawyer.

Everything must and will be handled via the court system. A legally binding contract will be provided, drawn up by a surrogacy lawyer, and approved through the court system.

Hilary M. Neiman, Esq.
[email protected]
The National Adoption and Surrogacy Center,
Adoption and Reproductive Law
30 Courthouse Square,
Rockville, MD 20850

situation has very high expenses.
There will be fees, expenses and compensation.
However placement will be guaranteed! ↓
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Name: Mom2BEE | Date: May 23rd, 2009 5:13 AM
Ok I am in Nebraska surro agreements are Not legally binding here what if this birthmom has complications and delivers here in Nebraska? You cannot have your names on the birth certificate here. You cannot pay high fees here for a adoption which is what this will legally be. Also how do you get the vital information on bio parents?And the Biggest question why is this woman pregnant with a surro baby if the IP's are Not the ones that this baby was created for? they are the ones that signed forms making them the parents as well as the one to pay those High fees? I am sorry this just reeks of baby selling to me. So I would never personally agree to this how do you know that for sure its Legit? If the child has health problems its not like you can trace the donors for more assistance should this child ever need a kidney or something vital?? Just My opinion. Best wishes to all. 

Name: bronzemare | Date: May 23rd, 2009 9:13 AM
Mom2bee this is totally handled by lawyers, 2 in face, so of course, it will be handled through the court system right from the start. Nothing will be done under the table. Speak to the lawyer if you have any concerns at all, check out the lawyers credentials. If you do not know all aspects of the law, then you should not make comments that are so far fetched. 

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