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Hello, I am 17 in a half years old..I've been suffering from anorexia for 6 years and am currently suffering from binge/purging disorder (bulimia)...I did not choose to become this way. It was the work of the combined force of depression, OCD, and poor self image that brought anorexia upon me when I didn't even realize it. That's right, I didn't even KNOW I had a disease until my blood pressure got so low I nearly ended up comatose. I always had a poor self image and had an obsession with calorie counting, portion control, and exercise. When my school's social worker finally decided to bring my weight loss to my parent's attention, my parents did not take it well. Instead of sending me to therapy (or a hospital), they decided that anorexia was simply mind over matter, and that all I "had to do was eat and I'd be fine"...But it wasn't like that. I was TERRIFIED of food. I was used to this ONE routine that I followed EVERYDAY:
Wake up, get ready for school, eat a small amout of nonfat cottage cheese and fruit, wait two and a half hours, eat a handful of Kashi Go Lean cereal (dry), wait 3 hours, eat 2 peices of brocolli and two peices of cauliflower with maybe two baby carrots, wait 3 hours, have a little more cottage cheese, work out vigorously for an hour or more, shower, have plain oatmeal at least 4 hours or more before bed, sleep empty stomached.
My parents tried to break my routine, and that caused me to panic. I would even Hyperventilate when they made me eat something else...
Eventually, I remembered how DELICIOUS REAL FOOD WAS! And became a binge eater. After going from 72 to 80 pounds, I became bulimic..and now I'm still bulimic and at 90 pounds (see guys, it does not work!)
I would still love to share tips, give support, listen and chat with anyone who feels they have an eating disorder, or who want to lose weight. I've helped many people lose weight healthfully (and sadly, some of them only ended up falling into my pattern of behavior..which kills me inside :'( ) All you have to do is add me to my new Myspace account at http://www.myspace.com/570179307...I'm new to myspace so please bear with me:P
With love, Scarlett Waters [3
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