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Name: Tapinga | Date: Feb 3rd, 2006 1:12 AM
If he really wants one, nothing you say or do will change his mind. I should know My dad had I sex change. He thought my mom would stay with him. He was wroung. He lost everything, He's family, his friends who told him it was ok that they would be there for him, they don't even talk to him anymore,or even look at him, and it kills me inside to see him hurting like this. You need to make it clear to your son, that not everythinig ends will. That he could lose everything, but lit him know that your he;s mom that you always will be and nothing can take that away from him. Stay by hes side, this will be really hard times for him, And talk to him, tell him how you feel about the whole thig, but that you will be there for him, he's really going to need you if he does a sex change 

Name: To sue | Date: Feb 5th, 2006 9:53 PM
How old is he? 

Name: don't waste our time | Date: Feb 6th, 2006 4:17 PM
sue you're a fake. 

Name: im in love | Date: Feb 12th, 2006 3:50 PM
Hello im 17 years of age and ive never looked at another girl the way i look at boys but when i turned 14 i met this realy nice girl who i truley cared about, i didnt think nothing would turn out to be more than friends , but it did and i have never regreted it cause i was deeply in love. i know people say at that age you dont know what love is , but i new this was true.we ended up being partners for 2 years without being apart. Every day i would eava sleep over her house or she would sleep over mine and everynight we planed out our future together , but it had to end when her mom met this guy who just came out of prison and he didnt like the fact that we were close. it took me a year to get over the fact that he made them all move away from me without contact, but thats when i met my 2nd love on the internet at the age of 16. But the worst part about it is that ive been pretending to be a boy to her for 7 months and shes falling deeper for me.Her whole family have met me and thinks that im a sweet younge handsome BOY which makes me feel real guilty for what im doing cause they all think that we have a great future and family ahead of us and that im the perfect guy for there daughter. Im seriously in love with this gurl and i seriously dont want to lose her cause shes everything to me. ive already lost 1 love and i dont want to lose another cause then i will be heart broken. And this is why i want a sex change so in ways i can understand why your son wants it. if he eva wants to chat to me just let me know x x 

Name: im in love | Date: Feb 12th, 2006 4:26 PM
i would just like to say that ..... if your son does want this sexchange , you have to be sure that you will be there for him every step he takes no mater what ,cause promise me he will be happy about the fact theres people he cares about there by himside. sexchange will never change your son .... he will always be there and will always have the same look he gives you, but promise me that you will never let him down like my family has. my family have a thing against gays and bisexuals , and this is why i cant tell them cause they have already tried to ruing my life with her. you should feel happy for your son for whatever way he feels in himself. trust me it wont change your relationship with him if you love and trust him that much.
the way i feel rite now cause i cant tell family and my true love ..... i rather be dead than lie to them. and thats the truth cause 4 days ago i tried to drink myself and pill myself to death cause of all the lies ive been tellin my family and my loves family and especialy her.
i feel realy deprest and locked up being trapped in a girls bodey. i would pay my whole life saving just to have a sexchange to be with the love of my life.
shes already telling me that she wants me to be the father of her kids , but in reality that aint ever going to happen. so its going to be more harder in the future for me. but kids aint everything to me .... all i want is to be with her and her family and have her by my side evryday of my life keeping me happy and safe. so plz dont let your son down cause this could be his dream like mine x x x 

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