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My 14 (15 next month) year old son got busted for texting during class. His phone was confiscated and we were asked to pick it up at the school. My son had warned me that there were pretty bad texts between him and his 13 year old girlfriend and seemed to be concerned that we will read them. We had given him freedom with his texts and lap top insisting to tell him that we trust him and we never read his mail or texts. His girlfriend's lack of supervision had concerned us for sometime now and I opened his phone to read a few texts from her to him - I thought I was going to pass out when I saw the language. I searched on line and found out about sexting. Would you give consequences in this case? what would they be? how can we bring him to realize that this girl is not for him without saying - you can't see her anymore? how would you handle it?
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Name: TBird23 | Date: Sep 30th, 2009 1:38 AM
Sometimes when you tell a teen that they are forbidden to see a girl or boy, they rebel and want to see that person even more. I think you should do the following: (1) Take away the cell phone. (2) Explain to your child that that kind of talk is forbidden in your family. (3) When you do give him back his cell phone, you will need to monitor it to check out what he/she is doing. You are the boss! It is your home and you set the limits. As long as he lives under your roof, he follows your rules. You can control who he sees. You might even mention the situation to her parent(s). Remember......you are the parent. 

Name: MamaGay | Date: Dec 22nd, 2009 9:50 PM
If he responded in kind at all and/or encouraged her sexts in any way, take away his phone and laptop for a month. No exceptions or excuses tolerated (except to use laptop for school work under your direct view). If he conducts himself maturely and reponsibly during the month, he can have them back, but you will intermittently checking, randomly and without warning. Cells and computers aren't rights, they're privileges to be earned.

BTW--check out new parenting site, Momster.com. 

Name: StressedMom3 | Date: Mar 3rd, 2010 8:34 PM
I know this may be hard to take in considering this is your little boy...he is 15 years old and I'm sure this all came to a huge surprise to you. I am 20 years old and am currently pregnant with my first child (a little boy). This is what I would do. I'd sit your son down and ask him to read some of these messages out loud to you and his father. If he gets embarressed or questions you as to why he has to do it. Simply respond to him the content of these messages should be shared between adults and if he can't read these messages like and adult to other adults then he has no business speaking/texting in this mannor. I would then take the phone and (computer if you feel its necessary) from him for a while and let it all sink in. Sexual curiosity at this age is normal. I mean i remember this age. I think its best that you don't look like its a bad thing because yes it is normal...its human sexuality but the more you make it look like a big moster the more attracting its going to appear. Once you give it all back to him...sit down with him and go threw EVERYTHING. Also I suggest placing a software called WE-BLOCKER on his computer. This will keep track of everything he does so that he can't try to hide anything.
I would also suggest that you may try and contact his "girlfriends" parents preferably the mother...she may handle it better. This is because its not all on your son...she was involved to!
I really hope this helps. I'm just trying to think of what I would do when this comes up with my child. 

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