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We have a son who is 20 months old and is not yet walking or talking. He cruises and pushes a cart and babbles a lot though. Early on the doctors thought he had cerebral palsy as he had slight hypertonia in his legs and one arm. They do not notice any hypertonia anymore and no longer classify him as having CP. Now they feel he falls under the Global developmental delay label (which they now call EDI). It sounds like the next step is genetic testing. Can anyone relate to this situation? We are feeling very alone and do not know of other families with delayed children. We are very concerned for his future and what his life will look like. They have told us that they often do not know what causes the delay and that 1/3 of children fall further behind, while 1/3 stay delayed at the same rate and 1/3 can catch up to their peers. We would love to talk to any parents that can identify with this.
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Name: kayleebug | Date: Jan 22nd, 2013 5:36 AM
my daughter is 30 months. she has just learned to walk. they also thought cp but after extensive blood work and many test they still have no answers. i know exactly how you feel. they also have told me that they dont know wht is causing her problems and they cant tell me what to expect in the future. she is in seven different therapies. she has learned to say mama and her gab is starting to sound more like word. you are not alone 

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