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Hi everyone!

My name is Jennifer and I am a single mom of a 2.5 yr old boy. When he was born we were told he has a genetic syndrome however we have yet to get a diagnosis. He is delayed on most everything, does not talk, has a heart murmur, his scrotom was attached to his penis at birth, has a small head size, etc. Today the development assessment folks determined he has some autistic features and would probably be mentally retarded. They normally diagnose mental retardation at 6 yrs old but based on what they have seen from him thus far and his small head size they feel this is what will be.

I am beyond upset and have been for over 2 yrs now. I need to talk to other moms/parents who can relate as none of my friends can. I am upset with God for doing this to my baby. Upset other moms/parents have "normal" children. Upset other children/moms/parents stare at him when we are in the mall or whatnot. I don't understand any of it.

If anyone can shed some light or help me understand this better I would be forever greatful.

Thank you!!!
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Name: mspeachpit | Date: Nov 3rd, 2006 2:55 PM
dont think of it as something God did to your baby, think of it as being given a blessing. remember, some things are a blessing in disguise. i myself am a special needs mom trying to raise a special needs baby with a special needs husband. and i wouldnt have it any other way. 

Name: babyhuie61 | Date: Nov 4th, 2006 8:17 PM
Hi Jennifer. My name is Cindy. I have a 15yr old daughter who is physically and mentally delayed. Her diagnosis is a chromosome problem. Her syndrome is called 22q13. Last year sarah had a bad accident at school and fractured her skull. She also has a new diagnosis of acquired brain injury, because of that. I was very upset too when sarah was born like she was , but i figured out that god gives us these children because we can handle it. Don't give up. I used to get the stares from others at the mall too. Now if they stare which is very rarely, I say to them what are you looking at. A lot of my friends don't understand either because they are not in the position that I am. Don't give up hun, everything will be ok.
Talk to you soon.


Name: Kim Yahoo | Date: Nov 5th, 2006 10:45 PM
Just remember Heavenly Father loves you and your son. Things happen to all of us in this life time that we just don't understand now but one day we will. Try not to think of this as a punishment from God. He loves you and your son very much. My daughter was born 3 1/2 months early and almost died at 2 weeks old. The Lord brought her back to me for some unknown reason but she is a blessing. She has many delays right now (11 months old) she is only rolling over. She does not put any weight on her legs at all. I know there is a reason this has happened to her. Heavenly Father has things happen to us on this earth that seem so unfair. I often wonder how a mother can leave her HEALTHY child and not care for them and a Mother like MYSELF and YOU have children that may have delays. Just remember our children will be blessings to others in the future. Good Luck 

Name: sherrie | Date: Nov 6th, 2006 3:51 AM
Jennifer, My name is Sherrie. It is ok to be feeling all these emotions. I have a six year old that is mentally ok, but physically is not. It goes back and forth on being easy and not. A therapist once told me, which makes perfect sense, you have to mourn the child you once thought you had, and learn to love a new one. You will go through many tough times, and many happy times. You cannot hate yourself or anyone else because believe me, it does not make him "normal" again. People will always stare, so you just have to be strong for him....it is not always easy, but he is yours and you love him with all your heart, and so you will always find strength that you never though you had for him. Keep in touch. Sherrie 

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