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]PLEASE NOTE: Names of posters have been removed to
]protect them from this evil bitch.
]Scammer Name: Juliedunesnet
]Watch out for this woman as well. She is on here
]posting about scammers. But she herself is a scammer.
]I was contacted by some ip's off a group that I am in
]and they all (3 sets of parents) have been scammed by
]her. She has a contract that asks for a deposit once
]signed. Once that deposit is sent. You don't hear from
]her again. She is not a surrogate, not an ip, not even
]an egg donor. She is just a plain troublemaker. Starts
]trouble for legitimate people involved in surrogacy,
]as well as, those who are scammers. She causes trouble
]for anyone that mouths off to her. She seems to be
]connected to a lady from Alabama, they often tag-team
]their scams. ?
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Name: juliedunesnet | Date: Nov 8th, 2006 10:13 AM
Sorry you were brought into this but this was posted by the ever spiteful and notorious scammer Janet Posey as we have outed her on the Adoption Forum for lying and posing as a pregnant teenager intending to give up her baby for adoption. In reality she is a fat 31 year old woman from Mississippi who has made up many aliases in order to scam people out of baby goods or money. Google her name. 

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