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I am an elementary education student and I am currently taking a class about special education. I have a few questions for parents with students with special needs. This for an assignment and I would be very grateful for your insight.

1. What have you found to be the biggest blessing of having had a child that has an exceptional need?

2. What have you found to be the most challenging in raising your child?

3. What has your experience with school been like in educating your child?

4. What has your experience been with people from other agencies to help meet your child's needs?

5. Have your child's experiences in the school setting been improving over time?

6. How could your experience with your child's school been improved?

7. Have you had good communication with your child's teachers and other professionals?

A little background info would also be helpful, feel free to send me a message [email protected] or write a comment. Thank you so much.
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