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I know that there is something wrong with my son and the doctors won't listen. He is two years old and just learned to walk and he can't talk. He couldn't sit on his own till he was over a year old and didn't crawl till he was 18 months. I know that he can hear me and that he understands me because he does what he's told. But he literally can't talk or form words. And he gets so frustrated that he starts biting himself and clawing at himself and throwing himself on the floor. I generally don't try and stop him much any more because he just hurts himself more so I normally just take him to his room, which is difficult because he kicks and head butts. I lay him in his bed and sit by him in the rocking chair till he calms down and he lets me touch him. I know that something is going on with him and it frustrates me that nobody will do anything to help my little boy. Right now I'm working on teaching him sign language so maybe he can communicate better and not be as frustrated at times. Any help would be appreciated. I've looked into a few disorders and syndromes that I think might explain it but it seems like nobody wants to listen. He was tested for downs when he was born and it was negative. I don't care what I have to do I just want somebody to help me find out what I can do to help him or make his life easier.
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