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i am the mom to 6 beautiful children crystal 17,ryan 15,justin 14,spencer 13,makenzie 7and last my special lilltle man connor 2 who is autistic. he is starting a school program in less than 2 weeks. iam sczred and excited at the same time. connor is non-verbal and demanding at times he gets very upset and mean to his other sibblings. it is a hard ajustment for all of us but we are taking it day by day. i have been blessed by this very special little boy . and this is all new to me so if anybody out there has any advice or would like to chat please let me know
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Name: mondo | Date: Oct 16th, 2006 10:18 PM
I'd love to chat with you! Autism is indeed challenging but as you said: we truly have been blessed with these special children, my son opened my eyes to the world!!! 

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