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i have a 5 yer old boy with developmental delay, behavior problems and no understanding of language. no one seems to understand how hard it is. i had a chat with my grandad today who actually had the cheek to tell me he chooses not to understand i mean for christ sake how can anyone say that. according to my sons other relatives all the professionals and me are wrong that they think there is something wrong causing this. i just get so angry i look after jamie all day i no there is something wrong his therepist said to me they have never met such a complex child as jamie so why am i battling with everyone about it. any suggestions?
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Name: kayleebug | Date: Jan 31st, 2013 12:08 AM

Name: kayleebug | Date: Jan 31st, 2013 12:16 AM
my daughter is three and is developmentally delayed. i understand what you are going through. the doctors tell me she will out grow it and that is what my husband , his family, and my family say also. as a mother i can feel that there is something not right . i know there is some thing wrong!! i got tired of waiting on the professionals. i started researching myself. i explained to my family and friends that i am not focusing or wanting her to have somthing wrong with her. i am just checking into everything , leaving no stones un turned in order for me to find the best way to help her. i told her doctors that if they wernent willing to test her for the tings i wanted her tested for that i would find someone who would!! of course they are now super interested in testing and researching everything. i keep a small notebook of anything i nbotice about her that might be a symptom and take it to the doc anythime we go. just remember that he is YOUR child and no one elses and their opinion doesnt matter!! 

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