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I was in San Francisco today at the Exploritorium with both my kids. My son is visually impaired/legally blind. Why did I put it like that? Well his neurologist and his vision therapist say he is legally blind. His opthomologist says that his is severly visually impaired but until he can say what he can or cannot see he will not put in writing he is blind. Anyway, getting back to SF, there was an adult who was blind and he let me talk to him. It started when I told him what a well behaved dog he has. He told me that the dog is special. He asked if my young son wanted to see or pet the dog (Can't remember exact words) I told him for my son to see he has to touch because he visually impaired. He let my son touch his dog. It put the biggest SMILE on my son's face. He left right after that his personal assistant arrived and they left.

I didn't even get a chance tell him thank you. It meant a lot to my son and much more to me. It isn't always easy to take our special little ones out. It was a very nice gesture, so I am sending this out there to all the people who have gone out of their way to be nice to our children with special needs "thank you"

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