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I just wanted to let you know about Diamond Creek Candles. I just became a consultant with them, and they have 100 different scents and I cant wait to smell most of them (ya thats a lot of candles!). They are made of soy, so they are better for the environment and dont leave any sooty residue, they burn clean, there's no wasted wax, no tunneling and they are made from high quality fragranced oils. Also they are not made in mass, so they don't sit on a warehouse shelf! Each batch is made fresh!

Every month you can have a chance of winning a free candle. There's nothing to it, no signing up. You just enter your Name, email & address and my name for who referred you and you can have a chance to win a candle. And you can enter each month, and each month there is a new scent. Just visit this website
and there's the form to win a candle and at the bottom it shows you what scent it is (different for each month). Ex: November is Hot Apple Pie---yum! and December is Candy Cane!

If you are interested in buying some candles, there are various sizes and scents (100 scents), and there is more than just candles to choose from! Check out my website http://www.diamondcreekcandles

And if you kindly would pass this on to your family, friends & co-workers, it'd be greatly appreciated!

Have a Wonderfully Scented Day!

*Jasmin Harstad*

My Site for Diamond Creek Candles: http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consult

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