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I just want to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Deb Snyder, and I have been in the networking marketing industry for over 17 years. I would like to offer any help to some of you just starting out or looking for some answers. I joined Herbalife in 1992 and by the fall of 1994 was at the prestigious level of Presiden't Team and was soon earning over $25,000/month.

I have seen the ups and the downs in this industry, but all in all, wouldn't trade it for the world! While I am no longer in Herbalife, I have used these skills to learn some extremely lucrative, life-changing techniques that are totally exploding my income. Without them, I would only be earning a very meager income, working my business in the very traditional sense of begging others to join, calling my family and friends, etc.

I will offer some very powerful suggestions later in the day that, hopefully, you will find very helpful. But my purpose at this point is just to say "Hello" and see what you all are doing to earn online income.

Have a fabulous day. I will write more later on.

Deb Snyder
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