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I'm new to this forum and hope that I posted this in a good location. I am a 29 year old mother to our only child (Age 5). I have always wanted to have 2 kids. We dated for a few years before marriage & anytime the topic came up I would state that I wanted 2. He never complained about this. People would ask us how many & he would say we'll see how the 1st goes but no more than 2. As soon as I became pregnant he told me it would be an only child. I was devastated. I would hint at having another, he didn't even want to discuss it. After a while, I sort of sided with him and told everyone no more kids. He makes good money and we both work. We should be able to re-do our budget and afford 1 more. He's building a $25,000 structure on our property this year for 'us'. I will park one car in it. We really had a blowout when he had a medical issue a month or so ago...he went to urologist to get checked out and had to have a procedure done. My concern was that he would also have a vasectomy while he was already there. He has never wanted a vas but has wanted me to to get my tubes tied. I refused. But I thought he may go behind my back and do it. So I recently told him if he did, I would divorce him. I don't believe in divorce unless there are major problems like cheating or abuse...but I was desperate & said that. I want him to want another child. Anyone else going through something similar? Any advice welcome.
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