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Hello I am currently working from at work at home united. Well I need something more, because im not doing so well. I need something that i can do everyday all day to bring in money to help with my other business . Please help.

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Name: TRussell | Date: Mar 12th, 2010 5:54 AM
I am just curious because I work with Work At Home United as well and I have been finding that I have been getting the training and support I need, that I am actually seeing the benefits of working with this team. Have you and your mentor been keeping in contact with one another? They key to any home based business and not just this one is that you need the training and support to become successful. You actively need to be out there sharing this great opportunity with people because it REALLY IS GREAT, not just because your trying to make a quick buck$$. I am not saying you are personally but that's how most people go after this kind of opportunity, and when they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel they throw in the towel.

I am a Stay at home Mom with 2 kids and I decided to stay home with my kids instead of work out in the corporate world and have to pay babysitters, gas for my car to get to and from work, specialty clothing for whatever type of job I was doing, etc. It made no sense. BUT, in this day and age you cannot survive on a single income with 3 other people living at home with you.

I started with WAHU thinking I was just going to try it out and if it works out then great but if it doesn't then oh well I guess it's another home business I failed. The thing about WAHU is we all believe in our team, we believe in the company we teamed up with, and we believe in each other.

If for any reason your finding yourself questioning your decision to join this team, email me and we can chat. If I can help you in any way to see the benefits of this wonderful experience we have been given then I will do it. Talk to your Mentor, talk to other team members too, we are all here to help each other move on up!

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Name: Anotherwaylife | Date: Mar 12th, 2010 6:05 AM
Hello ,

I am involved with an organization called The Global Information Network. It is headed by some of the wealthiest people in the world, and it exists so that the masses have the same oppurtunity's as the super elite and members of secret societies have had.
It is bar-none the greatest money making oppurtunity in the history of the world. I say that as a fact, not an opinion. Just by signing up for free as an affiliate you can begin adding an extra 5 to 10 or even 20,000 a month to your income all from home.
Becoming a GIN MEMBER though gives extrordinary money making oppurtunties and will practically enshure that you and your family have an on-going perpetual flow of income.
If you become an affiliate ( which again is 100% free) , how you make money is referring people to become a member of the organization, and for every person that joins you get a commission of $200. But the best part is every affiliate you enroll becomes “tagged” to you. YOU receive $200 for every new member your “tagged” affiliates enroll.
This oppurtunity is by invitation only and you need a code to join. This is your invitation. Here is a link to the website.


If you would like the code to become a member or an affiliate email me

my email is: [email protected]

If you have questions or conscerns at all contact me. I will return to this forum to answer any questions here aswell. 

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