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2009-05-06  (baby has arrived)
She's 2 months old!!!
Jocelyn is now 2 months old!!! At her 2 month Dr appt on Monday, she got her shots :( She is doing very well with those - acting like they don't bother her at all! That's a very good thing!!! She now weights 10lbs 4ounces and is 21 inches long!!! She's getting so big!!!

All is going well with her! Her reflux almost seems non-existant now! There are times when it acts up, but those times are rare :)  She's getting great at holding her head up, and is smiling soooo much!!! We are patiently awaiting her giggles, though!!!!

I WAS going to add pics, but apparently all my pics are too big. So, I'll leave you with this link:

~ Kristen
2009-04-29  (baby has arrived)
I know it's been a while!
Jocelyn is now 8 weeks old! I know I haven't written since she was about 2 weeks, so sorry about that!

Time at home with Jocelyn has been so great! And I still have 2 more weeks of it, before returning to work. I am not ready to go back at all - i am loving my time at home with Jocelyn, and Tyler when he's not at school.

Jocelyn is growing so quickly! She's probably close to 10lbs (she goes to the Drs on Monday). She's still got a head full of black hair, it's so cute, it sticks up, just like Tyler's did ;) She smiles a lot, and we are working on getting her to giggle. She's giggled in her dreams we want to hear it more then that ;) She's had her 1st Easter which went very well!!! The Easter Bunny brought her some books and a music cd for the car! Tyler loves it as well ;)

Breastfeeding is going great!!! I am happy to say i've been successfully breastfeeding for 8 weeks now :) I'm nervous how it will go once I head back to work, though. Here's hoping I am able to keep it up :)

I really need to get better at keeping up with that, and I promise I will! My next entry will be after her 2 month check up on Monday!!! Keep a look out :)

I'll also be updating our family blog more as well...
2009-03-21  (baby has arrived)
2 weeks and 3 days old!!!
Jocelyn is now 2 weeks and 3 days old!!! At her 2nd Dr appt she weighed in at 8lbs 3oz!!! The Dr was impressed - that's about an ounce a day since her last visit! That's great for being breastfed :) Go me!!! And go Jocelyn!!! She is still very gassy, so the next thing we are trying is me drinking soy milk, and only having soy based products. Dr. Yamchek thinks Jocelyn might me lactose intolerant. I found some vanilla flavored soy milk, and it taste pretty good!!! I've been staying away from other milk products. I'll start buying more the next time we head to the grocery store!!!

We are all still getting used to having such a blessing around. Tyler has been very sensitive. He doesn't want to go anywhere but stay at home with all of us. I'm trying to balance both kids, and of course it's getting easier, but it's still hard. Mike started back to work on Wednesday, and my Mom has been coming over to help out!!!

For St. Patrick's Day, we made Green eggs, Green milk & ham for dinner! Tyler loved it, and so did Mike & I ;) Jocelyn slept through dinner - haha!!!

Hope all is well, and I'll try to update sooner, rather then later ;)
2009-03-11  (baby has arrived)
Recap of Jocelyn's first week!!!
As I mentioned in the previous blog, Jocelyn is here!!! She was born on March 4th, 2009 at 2:11am!!! She came quickly into this world, and her first week flew by just as quickly!!!

Our first night, and only night, in the hospital wasn't so bad. Jocelyn was up a lot to eat (i'm breastfeeding), but Mike was there to help get her for me, etc. Neither of us got a ton of sleep, but she was worth it.

We were released from the hospital on Thursday, March 5th, in the late afternoon! I was doing great, as was she, so there was no reason for us to stay another night, just to leave first thing the next morning. So it was home we went!!! Tyler was very excited to have us all home!!! Mike's mom stayed with us for a little while, but she was exhausted, too, so she headed home to catch up on her sleep! My parents came over later in the evening.

We had a few visitors pop in and out throughout the next few days. And Tyler enjoyed playing all the video games he wanted ;) LOL!!!

On Sunday (3/8/09 - her due date!), we gave her her 1st sponge bath! She wasn't sure what to think of it at first, but it didn't take long for her to start screaming - lol! Luckily, sponge bathes aren't long. But she smelled fresh and clean! I love the new baby smell!!!
Also on Sunday, we had a home health nurse come visit. She came to make sure things were still going well for me and for Jocelyn. Jocelyn's weight on the day we left the hospital was 7lbs 6oz. On Sunday, it was up to 7lbs 9oz - so that was great news!!! She was a little jaundice, but the nurse wasn't too concerned as she was pooping A LOT. Everything else looked great for both Jocelyn & myself! YAY!!!
After the visit from the home health nurse, my friend Nicole, came over to take some newborn pics of Jocelyn! I've seen a sneak peak of some of them, and they brought me to tears! Nicole did an AWESOME job!!! I can't wait to share them with you all!!!

I'm slowly learning what I can eat and should eat to make sure it doesn't effect Jocelyn in bad ways. For example, I had spaghetti one night, and Jocelyn was VERY gasy all night long. The next night, we ordered pizza...but it was white pizza b/c I didn't want her to be gasy again. However, that, too, made her gasy, and it was another long night. So - no spaghetti or pizza for me - not if I want a happy baby!!!

On tuesday, 3/10/09, Jocelyn had her first outting!!! We took a small trip with her to Target, then headed to pick Tyler up from school (her and I waited in the car), then to her 1st Dr's appt with Dr. Yamchek!!!

The appt went great! Jocelyn is back up to her birth weight of 7lbs 13 oz!!!! Dr. Yamchek was excited to have her first patient with the name of Jocelyn!!! Woohoo!!! And, Jocelyn is healthy as all get out! We were concerned with her neck always leaning to one side, but Dr. Yamchek didn't think it was anything to worry about - her neck muscles just aren't too strong yet. She does however, have signs of being pigeon-toed, so we're to do foot exercises with her every time we change her diaper! No problem! Otherwise, she is a great, healthy baby! We go back next week to check her weight again, and she will be getting a PKU - ouch :( At least she won't remember that!!!

Last night she slept GREAT!!! We all did! She was up every 2-3 hours to feed, but fell right back to sleep, so I certainly cannot complain!!! I just hope it keeps up!
She's been sleeping for a while now, so I'm sure she'll be up soon to feed!!!

I can't believe she's already a week old!!! A lot of her features have already changed so much, and I'm just doing my best to enjoy her when she's this small!!! I'll do my best to keep everyone posted - life's busy with a newborn and 4 year old - but it's so great :)


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