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2006-11-27  (baby has arrived)
The Moment Has Arrived
I waited and waited for my turn. Ira and Nida had safely delivered their babies. Both are girls, Mia Aisha on 9/9/06 and Amani Najlah on 20/9/06 respectively. During my last visit, doc tell me that I could be induced on the 4th October as I still had no symptoms of delivery. I requested earlier and was told to come to the labor ward on 30th September, 2 days after my due date.

On the 1st day of Ramadhan, I woke up quite late from usual and straight went to the bathroom. I noticed that I had blood on my PJs. I informed abang and mom about it. Mom was quite panic and asked me to get ready. I asked to take a bath first before we went to the hospital.

10.30 am - After I arrived at Assunta Hospital, I walked to the labor ward without any pains. Unfortunately, the nurse informed me that my doctor was on vacation. The on-call doctor, Dr Liew will deliver my baby.

11.00 am - The nurse gave me the hospital shirt and asked me to change into it. Then, she asked me to lie down. At this time, there was still no contractions and no pain. The nurse checked my baby heart beat and it was fine. She also check my dilation and suprise, its already opened 3cm. The doctor came to check it and told me that I would deliver my little angel that day. He also broke my water bag.

11.30 am - The nurse started to induce me so I could feel the contraction. Every 15-20 minutes the nurse would come and check the baby's heart beat and the contraction. To my surprise, I felt nothing during the contraction. The nurse was so surprised because she already increased the induce. However, the contraction could be seen.

12.30 pm - Another nurse came in and asked me to sleep and lie to my side so the dilation can increase faster. The technique was so true that after 2 hours, I already dilate to 7 cm. It was unexpected as the nurse said in theory, 1cm for every 1 hour.

1.30 pm - I agreed to take the injection as I felt like a heavy period pain. All my life, I've never had a period pain so I didn't know how it felt. I declined the epidural as I scared about something being injected into my spinal cord. (Thanks, Dr House)

3.00 pm - The midwife checked me again and taught me how to push the baby. She said if the contraction come, I had to push. I did not go to ante-natal class, so it was a bit hard for me to do it.

4.00 pm - The dilation was already 9cm and it can be anytime now. I started to push without the nurses guide and the nurse said that the baby's head is almost out. The doctor came in about 4.15 to receive the baby.

4.36 pm - Aleya Reeza is borned. My little angel.

I was so fortunate that I felt nothing during the delivery. I really grateful to ALLAH who had  made this experience easy for me. Thanks also to my abang, who has been always beside me for the whole 10 months. And also to my mom, for all the tips,helps, guidance and the 'minyak selusuh'. It really helps.

2006-09-05  (37 weeks)
My birthday.....
I celebrated my birthday last Friday, 1st September. I took a day leave and stayed at home. For everyone who wished me 'Happy Birthday', thank you. I really appreciate it.

It was something unexpected when my little angel will share the same birthday month as me. Hubby was so jealous that the next baby will have to share his month of birthday, April. It will be a bonus if Eya is a Virgo instead of Libra. It just that I prefer her star sign similar to mine.

I went for my 36th week checkup on the 2nd. It was smooth as usual and the next checkup is scheduled on 16th, which is on the next 2 weeks. Doc said he will do an internal examination and will explain to me about the delivery symptoms. When I asked my mom what is an internal examination, she said it is something that involved checking whether I have dilate or not. I had did a pap smear before in UK but that was using some sort of a plastic instrument. It is something that I'm not looking forward to. Hubby kept teasing me that on the 38th week checkup, when the doc do the examination, he will say that I'm ready to deliver the baby. It is a possibility. I can't deny that.

I've almost finished delivering all the lectures and marking all the assignments. I need to be prepared as I got only next week, as the other week will be my 39th week. My replacement still do not arrive and really, I don't care as I would not be around after 18th.

Okay, lets proceed to the next event. The birthday celebration.

After the checkup, I went to Midvalley and bought two bracelets as I got 30% off from Padini as my birthday gift. BTW, hubby bought me a cute froggy and a lovely card for my birthday. I had put both the card and the froggy in my room. Thanks dear, really love it.

I also bought Eya something at Jusco. After that short shopping trip, hubby brought me to have lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. At first, we thought to have a buffet lunch at Crowne Plaza but I don't think I would be able to eat a lot of food now. Furthermore, I really miss the Spicy Fried Rice at HRC. Although the price was quite similar, but really I felt satisfy to eat there. It seemed like an opening and closing food of my pregnancy. I ate there a month before I knew I was pregnant and a month before I'm due to deliver.

Really, it was my last birthday celebration before I'm become a mom. Next year, hubby has to save a lot of money before September comes as he need to buy 2 birthday presents every September.

2006-08-22  (35 weeks)
More stuffs for us...
I had done my final check on the mom and baby list. I think we had bought everything we need for both the baby and me. Now, I'm preparing for the hospital bag as I am already reaching 36 weeks.

My MIL had prepared the baby mattress; it was hand-made and filled with 'kekabu flower' , which cost only RM60. I didn't need to pay for it as MIL gave it to Eya as a present. I also will be using a mattress, handed down from both of my sister-in-law.

My MIL ordered me a traditional medication package which was prepared by one of her friends. I didn't bought the pre-packaged medication as my mom prefer the one which is hand-made and not factory-packaged. It contain 2 bottles of pills, a 'bengkung' and a rubbing-oil. This cost me RM100.

As for my mom, who went back to Sri Iskandar, she collected the quilt set and pillows from my aunt. My mom also bought Eya a lot of rattan basket to store her clothes, toiletries and everything that she needs.

As for the hospital bag preparation, I still could not figure out what outfit to bring. I don't think pyjamas or track bottoms is suitable. The list said to bring nightgowns during the stay in the hospital but seriously, I don't have anything that look like a nightgown. Hubby asked me to wear his shirt but is it appropriate? Have to ask my mom or my sister-in-law.

P/S: Thank you to Daniel and Mei Ling who presented Eya with an Aussino's fleece blanket.
2006-08-22  (35 weeks)
The 8th Checkup
The 8th checkup was a long wait. What I meant by long wait was the time I had to spend from registering up until taking my medicine.

I was a little bit late that morning. I straight went to the doc's room and placed my appointment card on the desk as usual. Suddenly, the nurse said that you have to register and take this green file from the officer. It was a new procedure. I took my number and waited for my number to be called.

I registered and received a green file with 3 pieces of paper in it. The service number with a barcode on it, and two other papers for the doctor. It seemed that the new system only need a scanner, as everything will be scanned into the system.

The checkup with my gynae was short. He did not use the ultrasound machine this time. He did the checkup only by using the doppler and his hand. He said everything was fine the way it should be. No swelling, Eya's heartbeat is excellent, my BP is excellent too and the urine was clear. Everything is perfect. Even my weight is less than 1 kg. Great news!! The best news for this checkup was the fact that my baby going to weigh around 3.4 - 3.5 kg when she is born. I am really happy for that.

After the checkup is finished, I had to pay and wait for my medication. I had to wait for almost an hour as all the staffs were in the learning process of using the new computerised system. However, in the long run, I think Assunta is going to have a good system to support their activities.


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