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Baby has arrived!

2006-02-12  (8 weeks)
Shopping.....such a shock
I went for shopping to buy new bras and some pants. It seems that the new bra that I bought last month could not fit my growing breast. Mom said that I was growing quickly as I was only 2 months pregnant. The waist line had disappeared and my butt become larger.

The first thing that I bought was some new pants. I bought 2 drawstring pants that can be worn up until 9 months. One beige and one black. The price for the pants was quite shocking. RM159 each, which cost me a total of RM318. The amount was not something that I achieved during shopping in the non-pregnant times. However, I need those pants as all my casual pants cannot fit any more.  I only can wore the pants before I fly to the UK, the time when I was quite 'normal'. A year that I spent in UK to study and came back here with a nice body was all vanished in a blink.

The pants was such a relief but when I need to go toilet, it take me some time to undo the pants. By the way, now I frequently urinating.

The last thing that I bought was a nursing bra. It also can be used up until the baby is born and also for nursing. The bra was also expensive, RM125 as it was imported from UK. Expensive or not, I still need to buy it as I need it. For now, one is enough. Have to wait for next month salary.

By the way, I also bought a new cushioned-sandal as I cannot wear my old sandal or shoes anymore. My leg felt tired. I think that my feet has become wider as all my shoes has become tighter. The sandal cost me about RM116.

I didn't want to count the total amount I had spend as it may stress me. However, I do know that any amount of money is alright for my little angel. I will always love you.
2006-02-12  (8 weeks)
The First Heartbeat
My second checkup. I need to have a full bladder before went for the checkup. The checkup was supposed to be at 10 a.m. and I woke up late at 8.30 a.m. I really could not hold the bladder any more and had to do the morning wee wee. Luckily, I could hold the second one.

Abang made me a glass of milk so I could fill up the bladder. The journey to the hospital was okay and we arrived at the hospital on time.

The doctor checked my blood pressure and he said it was good. It was 120/70, the average blood pressure for pregnant women. Then, I need to lie on the bed so he could do the ultrasound scan. Frankly speaking, I was so scared in case I could not see any images in the scan. Who knows all the symptoms was something that my mind made up.

He checked my abdomen and he said the womb is rising nicely. He did the scan and showed me the sac of the baby. At first, I could not see it but after concentrating for a few minutes, I could see it. And guess what, I also can see the baby's heartbeat. I did not cry because I was so shocked to know that is a living, breathing human being is inside my tummy. My own little angel. I could not stop smiling for the whole day.
Abang and me talked about it all day long.

"The day that we've been waiting for has arrived finally. To have little Aliza and Rizal. Thank you god."
2006-02-09  (7 weeks)
This morning when I woke up, I had a terrible migraine. It supposed to come at 2-4 a.m not when I want to get ready for work. I kept thinking whether to skip work and lie in bed or go to work and face all my students.

At last, I think it was better for me to go as I had to finish all the presentations and syllabus early so I could have a nice rest before their final exam.

After the first class, I really want to go home. I tried to call all my friends who got a car so they could bring me to the train station but no one is in the office. I closed all the blinds and slept on my chair. I think I slept about 2 hours. The last position that I slept was on the floor using my jackets as a pillow. My back was so hurt from sleeping on the chair.

As for today meal, at breakfast I ate 'mihun goreng' as because I still cannot accept rice. And I had the same thing for lunch as well. By the way, I ate my lunch at 4 p.m. as I had to do 2 hours class.

Anyway, I was feeling happy as tomorrow I am on leave. I am going for my second checkup as well as the ultrasound scan. Hoping to see the first image of my baby.
2006-02-08  (7 weeks)
The 7th Week

This week was quite okay compared to last week. Maybe the baby does not like holiday or relaxing too much. The headaches is less frequent compared to last week. However, occasionally it attacks in the morning, 2-4 a.m or when I'm driving to work.

A weird thing has happened to me this week. It seems that could not eat rice, which as everyone close to me know that it is my favourite food. Either 'nasi goreng', 'nasi campur', 'nasi ayam' or even the best food in the world (according to me) 'nasi kandar' cannot tempt me. I don't know this is me or the baby. For me, I think I want to eat it but when I smell or even see it, I had the feeling to vomit. I also could not bear the smell when people are cooking.

Today, I went to lunch with Ayu. I tried to eat 'nasi lemak' at Mines. The food was nice before this but for me, it taste different. I tried to finish it as it cost me RM11.45 but at the end, I regret it as I had the feeling to vomit.

I also had to drive everyday since yesterday as Masyu had went to UK for her convocation. So, now every morning I bring abang together to work and drop him at Serdang as UKM was very busy in the morning. It was not good for me because when I'm drive, I tend to become another person. Not Aliza, jaja or even arale. Even abang or my  family is a calmer driver than me. I don't want the baby to hear his/her mama to curse every day. However, Ayu had offered to  pick me up at Salak Selatan if I want to. Maybe I'll start next week as I had an evening class tomorrow. Hooray, a new alternatives for me. I wonder when WNR 444 is going to be ready???



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