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2006-05-15  (21 weeks)
Mysterious Little Angel
I was due for my 5th month checkup. I really hopes that my baby would let us know his/her sex. Deep down inside, I was not really confident that the baby would cooperates and reveal his/her gender. The most important thing is the baby is healthy inside.

What I hate most about checkup after 3 months of pregnancy was the urine test. I had to hold my urine from home and could only wee when the nurse had come. It was such an annoying moments.

I budgeted that I would gain the same weight like last checkup, which is about 2 kg. When the nurse measure my weight, I was so shocked to learn it was more than the usual weight gain.  I always have the same eating pattern; 3 meals a day but still the weight is horrific.

However, when the doctor checked my BP and urine he said all result was excellent. My BP is 120/70 and the urine is clear. I had no swelling on the legs, my iron is good and also my blood. So, he told me not to worry too much as everything is brilliant. He advised me to keep the weight gain to a maximum of 2 kg after 6 months of pregnancy.

As for the baby, the doctor said that my little angel is big and healthy inside. Everything looked normal as it supposed to look. The doctor showed us the place of the baby's genital but he was not too sure about the gender. He told us that by next month, the sex will be clear and we will know for sure. Really could not wait for next month checkup.

2006-05-08  (20 weeks)
Is it the heartbeat????
Last Saturday, I spent the whole morning watching Nip/Tuck the 1st Season. I had watched it during my time in UK as the series is banned here in Malaysia. Just want to watch it from A-Z again and it just a way to spend my morning as there was no good programme that morning.

Hubby cooked 'roti paratha' as my breakfast that morning. I had two of it and continue to watch the series. Now, it is becoming my habit to gently massage my tummy as I know the baby can feel any movement or touch from me. 

My mom always said that there will be a moment where you could notice the baby's heartbeat. At first, I thought it was just my feeling and it could be my own pulse or heartbeat. I tried to feel it in the other side of my tummy and I couldn't feel the same thing. I guessed it was the baby's heartbeat. I asked hubby to feel it too but he could not feel anything. Later, I asked my mom about it and she said only the mother could feel it. Nobody else can.

I felt so happy that now I know for real that my baby is inside me living, breathing on his/her own. I also thought that the baby already had the first kick but my mom told me that I only can sense it 7 months onward. I don't know who is correct, my mom or all the newsletters but what I know is I trust my instinct.  
2006-04-25  (18 weeks)
Thanks to you.....Love you...
Now, my belly button is almost flat and I always compare it to my hubby to see who has the deeper belly button. Every night, he will apply the nivea lotion/cream to  my tummy to prevent the stretch marks. Thanks to him, I don't see any marks until now. It is my mom's idea to use that cream and I know it is effective. Why? After 6 children, my mom's tummy is so smooth and no trace of stretch marks.

My back also hurt a lot now. He will massage the back every night after he apply the cream to my tummy. Sometimes I ask it more than once a day, and he will still do it. I really appreciate what u are doing dear.

Until now,in the 4th month, I still could not smell any cookings especially fried foods. Everyday after work, I will prepare the ingredients and he will cook the dishes. For me, he is a better cook than me. Anything that he cook, seems good and I really like his cookings. The strange thing is I could smell curry and I really love the smell. Even, the day before I knew I was pregnant, I craved to eat 'nasi kandar', a special dish in Penang. Maybe it is a sign that my angel know that he/she is a nothern.

A few days back, a Malay woman film producer said that women that let her husband cook for her is deemed as a bad wife. If that the case, then I am the worse wife in Malaysia.

During my master, and now, when I'm pregnant, hubby will cook for me and sometimes clean the house for me. He also sometimes wash, dry and even iron the clothes. (He doesn't know how to fold clothes, so thats my job) Sometimes, I feel guilty to let him does all the chores but he did it willingly and without any complaints. I had to let him does the work as I am tired and sometimes he does it better. All that he ask for is when he wants his tea or drinks, do it and when he tired, massage him. Before I become pregnant, we share all the house chores and he does not mind to do the house chores at all.

Eventhough, he may not be the most handsome or the richest guy on earth, he is what I always dream to have. He is the nicest guy anyone could have. My little angel and me is very lucky to have him as a father and as a husband. Really, really love you my dear.
2006-04-25  (18 weeks)
The third visit
I was so scared to go for the third visit. The reason was I afraid that something would happen to my little angel because of the fall. Luckily, after I saw the ultrasound, my baby is growing healthily and has grown a lot after a month. I could see the spine clearly, the leg and of course the heartbeat.

I asked the doctor about the gender and he said that he would tell me when the time comes. He told me not to worry about the gender, just wait for the moment when he would tell me.

Now, I'm in the 18th week. Still waiting for the moment that I would feel the first kick from my baby. As this is my first baby, I think I could only feel the kick maybe in my 5th month.

As for me, the pregnant belly is not too visible but it depends on the kind of clothes that I wear. Every month, I buy two or three office wear as I need them in the later month. Until now, I have 7 office wear and 6 pants, which for me is quite enough for the whole duration of the pregnancy.


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