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2006-07-13  (29 weeks)
I need my sleep......
I'm reaching my 30th week of pregnancy. It seems the time move so fast. When I see the bear line of my journal, it is reaching the 40th week. Just 10 more weeks to go, and the time to hold my little angel in my arms is coming soon.

Since I entered the third trimester, Eya seems to kick more and more. Her morning and night routine had gone haywired. Now, she seems to kick at anytime in the 24 hours. The best time for her to do her exercise would be when I go to sleep at night. As my eyes go heavy as the sandman did his job, she will start to kick. If she kicks left, I will shift to the right and vice versa but she really likes to play. She will kick at the direction which I lie in. The best way is to lay flat but my back will hurt and I could not have a good night sleep. And to make matters worse, I have two very early morning class so that means I could no longer wake up late, which is just 30 minutes more. To someone, 30 minutes is no big deal but for me, even 10 minutes is precious. Use all the time you've got for your rest. Even, sometimes in the office, I take a 30 minutes nap or sometimes more, depending on my class schedule.

Now, when Eya kicks, I can see my belly move. It looks like a wave and I really am looking forward to see it every day. Sometimes the kicks hurt, especially when she kicks right at the side of my abdomen.

By the way, now I really feel like I'm pregnant. The belly has grow so big compared to last few months. I don't know whether my diet has work or my little angel is big. I read somewhere on the Net that a baby weight during birth is the average weight of her parents. If this theory is true, then my Eya will weigh somewhere around 3 kg.

Sometimes when I walk, I feel the need to hold my tummy as I afraid that the baby will feel uncomfortable( actually I think its me). My mom advised me to walk a lot as a form of exercise for me. I think it is good for me as I don't do other exercise. Walking means a lot of window shopping, which for me is a good exercise.
2006-06-19  (26 weeks)
Its a girl....
The date for my 6th month checkup, at 25 weeks. Actually I did not know how the doctor calculate my pregnancy but he said that the baby will grow one month older at the 21st of each month. For me, I still follow the round calendar with the weeks and date on it. I prefer to use that thing to know my baby age.

I told my mom the night before checkup that the left side of my tummy was empty, and she said that it is one of the sign that my baby is a girl. At this point of time, I didn't really care about the gender anymore. I just want my baby to be healthy.

My checkup went well. The BP was excellent, no swelling and the urine was clear. The doc started to scan my baby and hubby was beside him all the time. The doctor was scanning so fast that hubby couldn't exactly understand about the baby position. For me, all I want to see was the baby heartbeat and I really could see how it beats. Then, hubby start to ask the sex of the baby and the doctor told us that from the scan, no scrotum was to be seen. Its about 90% that the baby will be a girl but he will confirm it during the next checkup. I think the baby will definitely be a girl.

After the checkup, I told my mom that I want to shop for the baby stuff as I am already 6++ months. We went to Jusco and mom was the only person who chose the baby stuff. I just went along with her choice since she know best about what baby wears.She was so happy. By the way, my little girl will be my mom first grandchild and my MIL 9th grandchild, the 5th girl in the family.
2006-05-30  (23 weeks)
The Little Kicks
Nana had a very good mood last weekend and decided to cook 'nasi ayam' (chicken rice) for the family. It was a good dish and I had three servings that night. It was also the moment when I could feel the kick from my angel. Yes, I do feel the kick before this but this one was so real that it shocked me.

Maybe my little angel really like his/her auntie cooking and decided to pay a compliment. Who knows? After the dinner, when I lied down to relax, I felt again the kicks but this time, I could feel it with my hands. I took hubby hand to feel it too but unfortunately, he could not feel it. Sorry dear, maybe its not the time yet.

The next morning, I had breakfast cooked by my sis. Again, I could feel the kick. I really thought that my baby really like the cooking. After these few experiences, of being kicked by my angel, I could now tell when and where he/she like to kicks.

The problem was I thought the kick was a little too low. I afraid that the position of my little angel maybe was at the wrong spot. I could not ask my mom yet as she was admitted to hospital for high BP. I would not want to worry her. I researched the Internet and found out that it was normal to have the kicks under your belly button. It was the right position for a 23 weeks baby and it differs from one person to another.

Until now, my little angel like to start his routine somewhere in the morning and late at night. I really love the kicks as I know he/she is well inside me.

2006-05-30  (23 weeks)
Buying the cot
My angel is almost 5 1/2 months now. Hubby wanted to buy the baby cot this month. We had been searching high and low for the perfect baby cot, but there was not so many varieties here in Malaysia. The baby cot mentioned here is not the wooden cot but its the travel cot. It would have been so much easier for angel to sleep if we travel and we bring along the baby cot.

We planned to go to KL to buy the cot but as it was the first week of the month, KL will be so crowded and the traffic would be horrible. We decided to change the plan and headed to The Curve instead. We went to the Anakku boutique and there was not many model/design of baby cot. We thought maybe OU would be a better place to shop as it have a lot of stores but as we went there, all the parkings were full. New plan, went to Midvalley.

There, we searched all the possible store and we decided to buy the one at World of Cartoons. It was not so expensive but the point here it is nice and quite tough as it will be filled with all the pillows and mattress my mom and mom-in-law will make for angel.

However, a note for mom-to-be or anyone who like to buy the Graco baby cot at Toys'r' us in Midvalley. The price there is 699 but if you go to Anakku boutique @ The Curve, it is much cheaper, at only 499. Notice the different. Luckily, I did some surveys before buying the baby cot. Else, I would  be cheated by the sneaky store.

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