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2006-08-16  (34 weeks)
The final travel...
Hubby has been planning for this travel since a few months back. At first, I refused to go back as I'm almost 35 weeks but hubby need someone to accompany him during the trip. Furthermore, my MIL insisted me to go back for this wedding.

My mom was so worried and she kept repeating the same words to me everytime she called me. "The baby is the first child so you could not travel far anymore. The baby head is at the bottom, she will not feel comfortable with the long trip. Do you want to give birth in Perak at a government hospital." Every statements that she made was an attempt to make me cancel my plan.

The problem is I need to take care of 3 people's feeling; hubby, my mom and my MIL. The one who will be miserable is me and the baby. ( I think so!!) The best thing to do for now is to ask my gynae is it ok for me to travel. I shall have my next checkup another 2 days and ask him whether its ok for me to travel or not.

BTW, I forgot to mention that in my last checkup, I was asked to drink more and a lot, lot of water as my urine was not that clear. I thought my intake of orange juice, chocolate milk and 'Nutrigen' was enough for my fluid intakes. I don't really like to drink plain water so the doctor advised me to mix my drink with Ribena. Now, the problem is I hate Ribena. So, what I have to do is try to drink some water when I am at office rather than drinking just during my meal time.
2006-07-24  (31 weeks)
The Shy One
Eya is 31 weeks now. She still likes to kick and play around. Now, she wakes up quite early and likes to play when I have my classes. Luckily now, I sit down when I give my lectures. In this way, I could stroke my tummy and calm her without the students knowing it.

The strange thing about Eya is she likes to play if there are only me and hubby. My mom has tried to see her moving but until today, no success. The only people who had feel her kicks is my little sister, hubby and of course me.

When she kick so much, I will ask hubby to feel her as she will stop. Maybe, she knows that is her father's hand. With me, I will stroke her and she will be calm for a while.

Now, I can sleep better and she seems to know when it is the right time to start playing. She will wakes up in the morning, afternoon and of course at nights.
2006-07-24  (31 weeks)
Hunt of the Car Seat
My youngest brother had went somewhere to further his study. Now, my mom is alone at home. So, last weekend she went to my cu's house. On Saturday, they went to OU to do some shopping. After work, me and hubby rushed there to buy the car seat at Mothercare as Cu had promised to  buy his granddaughter a car seat.

As the MegaSale carnival has just started, the mall was packed with people. Mom, Cu and family bought a lot of t-shirt and jeans. After they did their shopping, we went to Mothercare to survey for the car seat. The staffs were very unfriendly. When someone buy a car seat, it is a common knowledge that the car seat must be fitted to the car. In case the car seat would not fit, then we could survey another one but the saleslady was so unhelpful. Hubby told her that we would like to test the car seat in our car but the lady said that as it was during a sale, they could not fit the car seat. If we buy it in another time, then it is possible. I was so pissed off that I simply said to her just because you gave a sale and the price is cheaper, you should not treat your customer like this. The customer service in Malaysia is so different compared to the UK. Mothercare is a UK brand , so its employees here should follow the ethics and the way Mothercare UK do their business.

We left the store and went to Toys 'r' Us. There was not so many car seat available and we decided to left OU and had our lunch at 5p.m. We went to Uptown Damansara at 6 p.m. which is quite early for that place to start their business. Still, everyone ordered so many food but for me and hubby, we already had Burger King for our lunch. So, we ordered 'nasi goreng' as our dinner instead.

The hunt for the car seat continued at MIdvalley, the next day. We went to Toys 'r' Us and found a car seat that we liked. It was the last one and we reserved that one. We continued our hunt but still could not  find a better car seat compared to the one reserved earlier. We decided to buy it but as the cashier wraps the car seat, I discovered the car seat was faulty. Luckily I did spot the broken part. The cashier returned us the money and told hubby that he would order a new one for us. I felt like it is so hard to find a good car seat. If I knew I am going to have a baby after I finished my study, I would do a mega shopping back in UK. So, as I stuck here in Malaysia, better try to find something worth it for my baby.

We went home and I flipped through the Mothercare catalogue. I think I want to survey the Mothercare branch in Alamanda, Putrajaya. After work yesterday, me and hubby went to take a look at the Mothercare. It has the car seat model in the catalogue with a 10% discount. We asked the saleslady if it can be fitted to our car. The lady said absolutely and we were astonished as the one in OU said during sale it cannot be fitted. What a lie!!!! While hubby and two of the saleslady went to our car to have the car seat fitted, I bought Eya a denim hat to wear with her 'baju raya' and two pair of socks. My baby will look so cute on the Hari Raya. I got an extra 10% discount for the car seat as it was a 3-day promotion. The saleslady was so nice that she willing to give me the discount eventhough I did not bring my discount card. The car seat is a Group 1, which means it can be use from birth up until she is 18kgs. So, to the people out there, do go  to Mothercare Alamanda if you want  a good customer service. (Refer to the image. It is the car seat we bought for her at Mothercare.)

So, alas, the hunt for the car seat is over. All Eya's stuff have been bought. The only thing to do is to wait for her arrival, which is less than 9 weeks.
2006-07-13  (29 weeks)
Shopping and more shopping
Pregnant woman are advised to do the shopping for the baby during or after the 7th month. I started doing my shopping somewhere around the 26th week, which is about 6 1/2 month.

Mostly of the clothes was chosen by my mother. She chose all whites as according to her, baby is cuter wearing only white. After the initial purchase, I made a list of what to buy for my little angel.

Now, after a series of shopping, she has
  • 10 pairs of shirt and shorts.
  • 5 pairs of mitten
  • All sizes of towels
  • Johnson & Johson toilletries(really love them)
  • Disposable diapers
  • Avent bottles ( I get it for about 30% less)
These are the basic items for her during the confinement period. She will be born during the fasting month for Muslims and a month later, we will celebrate Aildilfitri, a celebration for the Muslims. For this event, I had bought her two pairs of Nike socks for baby girl and of course a set of 'baju raya'.

The 'baju raya' is a shirt and denim skirt by Guess Kids. It cost a lot but I really dream of my little girl to wear Guess apparel. I think once in a blue moon, it is acceptable to dress your little girl in something expensive. Better to do it when they don't understand a thing, compared when they know how to think by themselves(meaning how to do shopping). My little sister was so jealous and demand something in common for herself. I'll  think  of it if I have the extra budget.

My mom and I also bought her some clothes to make her a quilt set. I chose the color to be peach. A friend of my mom willing to make Eya the baruts and the bengkung, a type of cloth wear by Malay during the confinement period to prevent bloating. For the quilt set, my auntie in Ipoh will sew it for her. I'm so lucky to have a lot of people to help me prepare the things for Eya.

Hubby just need to buy her a car seat, which was promised by her Tok Ayah. I think she need something good for her to use from birth up until she is older. By the way, Aidil, gave me his baby boy's stuff; a moses basket and a car seat as his son is almost 2 years old. Thanks, Aidil!

By the way, by now, I decided to call my little angel 'Eya', a shorter version of Aleya Reeza.  

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