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2009-02-03  (8 weeks)
First OB Visit

This is somewhat a late post because our first OB visit was still last January 09, 2009.

When I found out that I was pregnant again, my first thought was that I needed to change my OB. For Zoe, we had no problems with Dra. Cora Lim. However, since I needed to use my new health card, getting Dra. Lim again would mean that we would have to shell out personal money when I give birth. It's because she is not accredited with my new health card.

Anyway, after searching and looking up recommendation from friends, I decided to go to the OB that's near my office. She is Jody's OB (Dr. Angela Aguilar) and I thought that I'll give it a shot. So I went to her clinic (5-7pm where her clinic hours!) and braised myself. I had to wait for like more than a hour before it was my turn and I felt like it was forever. At any rate, I found the doctor very nice. She was very happy to hear about my pregnancy (maybe because most of her patients are those on fertility work-ups) and I was glad. She asked me the usual medical history questions and I showed her my operating room record from my previous pregnancy. She told me that my EDD is on 09-09-09 which she found so cute! :-) She also asked me if I'm willing to have a VBAC (something that I really wanted to hear from the doctor).  Of course, I told her yes! It was also good to know that she knew Dra. Cora Lim and that she had only praises for my old OB. In the end, she told me to lie down while she checked my stitches and tummy (no problem there). She wrote me a certification that I am fit to travel (we were going to Iloilo the week after to visit my sister). She then told me to continue with my folic acid supplement and to come back on February 06, 2009. We will have daw an ultrasound by then.

So there. I found a new doctor. I'm really looking to being with Teng the next I go and see her. There's nothing like having your husband with you during check-ups.

Baby ~~~ how are you doing there? I hope you're doing A-ok! I love you and I'm sorry if mommy sometimes tires herself a bit too much during the day. See you in September - healthy and beautiful!   

2009-01-08  (5 weeks)
I am...

...pregnant again! Yipee!

Teng and I received a very special Christmas gift this year - two pink lines! This means that our lives are about to change (for the better!). We look forward to this journey and pray and hope that God will be with us all the way.


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