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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2010-02-25  (baby has arrived)
Well, here am I sitting in the hospital cafe waiting for the next feeding to start. The girls (Alyssa and Kylie) were born 16 days ago. They are still in the NICU, but are doing very well. They were never on oxygen or feeding tubes, they have not had any heat lamps or IVs for about 10 days. They are good little eaters and are gaining weight. The only issue we are struggling with is that they desat while they eat. (Oxygen levels in their blood drop, and so do their heartrates) They always bounce back very quickly, but the doctors still want to keep an eye on them as long as this is going on. So, I have no idea when they will be able to come home. With babies every day is a huge development and one day they will simply grow out of it, so we just have to wait for that to happen. Until then we will have to deal with everyone asking us all the time when they will be coming home. I know everyone is just curious but it is so hard to have everyone asking so often. I wish I knew when they were coming home, I wish they were already there. It doesn't help and just reminds us that they aren't home. I am sure people just don't realize what they are doing since not many people share this experience with us, so I'm trying to be patient.     
2010-02-09  (baby has arrived)
Last Day
Well, today was my last day being pregnant with the twins. I found out this morning that I am going to have a c-section tomorrow morning to deliver them. I guess the pre-eclampsia has finally caught up with us, and my doctors didn't want to push their luck trying to keep me pregnant a little longer. So on Feb. 9, 2010 at 34 weeks, 4 days our babies will be born. I cried the whole way home from the doctors appointment. I am SO not ready to not be pregnant, and I worry about how the babies will do being born this early. I am also totally freaked out about having a c-section. I was really hoping to deliver vaginally, but they said this is really my only option, so here we go. Tomorrow morning we go to the hospital at 5:30am, and are scheduled for the surgery at 7:30. I am sure I won't be getting much sleep tonight as I am feeling very anxious. I am starting to feel a little more excitement about meeting our babies finally though. I wonder if they are boys or girls, I wonder if they look more like Russell than me (I'm guessing Russell), I wonder if their hair will be dark or light. I look forward to holding them. I just want them to be o.k. For our last night before kids Russell and I made a bunch of phone calls to family letting them know the plan, and watching Arrested Development. Silly maybe, but a typical night for us. So, goodbye pregnancy... thanks for everything!
2010-01-25  (32 weeks)
Another Check up
In the last 8 days I have been to the doctors office or hospital 7 times. Mostly for normal checkups, but 2 days at the hospital for the steroid shots. My appointment went well today though. Another high blood pressure when I first got there, but it was lower before I left. Not quite as low as at home though. When I go in on thursday they are going to check my machine to make sure it is reading correctly. But I did find out that as long as my pressures stay pretty good at home, and my weekly blood work has normal results that we should make it to about 36/37 weeks. Which is all we could ask for with twins. I was so excited to hear that. They'll do an amnio around 36 weeks and if everything looks good they will deliver. So we are looking at one more month. I could not be more thrilled. Let's just hope and pray everything stays good between now and then!
2010-01-24  (32 weeks)
A scary week
Well, this was the first week we had any kind of complications, and it was a very scary week. On monday I went in for my normal measuring ultrasound and my first fetal monitoring. (For those that don't know, when you are pregnant when one baby you do these daily "kick counts" to make sure the baby is moving and is healthy. With two babies it is hard to tell who is moving when, so the kick counts don't usually help. One baby could be moving a lot and the other one might not be moving at all and it would be hard to tell. So I go in for monitoring two times a week to make sure they are both o.k.) Anyways, while I was there my blood pressure was pretty high. They came back a second time to check it again, and it was lower, but still not awesome. They told me to start taking it easy, to go on a light bed rest. Basically no laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. I went back on thursday and it was high again, so they ran a urine sample and some blood work to make sure everything was o.k. inside my body --the babies are still looking AWESOME-- and all the blood work came out fine. They also had me buy a home blood pressure machine so I could test more often and not at the doctors office (I guess some people it gets high when they go into the doctor but it is normal when they aren't there). I was measuring it about 4 times a day, and it was significantly lower at home than it had been at the doctors office. But then I got a call at 8:30pm on a friday night from a nurse and they had found protein in my urine sample (along with high blood pressure that is pre eclampsia- potentially a very serious problem) So they called to tell me I needed to go to the hospital the next day for two rounds of steroid shots to help the babies lungs develop. The whole thing was very hard to handle, since our babies are only 32 weeks and about 3 /12 pounds each. And when a doctors office calls you at 8:30 on a friday night to tell you to go to the hospital the next day, it doesn't seem like they are thinking you are going to be pregnant much longer. I was so scared for our little babies. They are too small to be born yet. Also, selfishly, I am not ready to not be pregnant anymore. I love being pregnant with these little ones and it would be hard for me to deal with having them come out this early, not to mention how hard it would be to have to leave them at the hospital for so long while we came home. So, we went to the hospital yesterday and I spent 4 hours on a machine watching the babies' heartbeats, my contractions, and my blood pressure. They had it set to randomly go off like every 20 min or so, without a nurse or doctor around and the results were similar, if not better than what I was getting at home. Which shows it is lower when I am not in the doctors office, and it is not my home machine giving a false reading or anything. Good to know! Also, they took more blood and urine and this time everything was perfectly fine. YAY. I do go back to my doctor tomorrow, and so I am very curious what he has to say about all this now. Who knows. But if it means the babies can stay in an extra 3 weeks or so, that would make a world of difference. They would have such better chances of being healthy at 35/36 weeks than at 32/33 weeks. But man, what a hard week/weekend. I am very excited to meet our little babies and see what they are and what they look like (we know baby B at least has hair!) but I am not that ready...

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