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2008-12-23  (6 weeks)
How to SHARE the NEWS!
So we decided that we were going to wait until Christmas to tell our family, because who could give a BETTER present!?!? So this is how we are doing it...for our parents I made and ordered a puzzle that has some pictures of us (one taken the night we found out) and it says "expecting" "baby" "Aug. 2009" so they will have to put it together without looking at the cheat picture. I am way excited about that plan...I can't wait to see my parents put it together. And then for my sisters I got an EGGO box and cut out a strip and wrote "leggo my Eggo" then on the back I made a cute thing that says "we're PREGGO!!!! August 2009" I can't wait for them to see and know.
2008-12-23  (6 weeks)
Had to TELL
On Sunday (12/14) Craig and I went to the stake Christmas Program and while we were there we were talking to Nate and Melissa Ayres. (I emailed Melissa asking her about a good OB/GYN but I said that we were just "THINKING ABOUT" trying soon so I was looking around) So she came over to talk to me about it and we  are giggling and Craig heard us talking and he thought that I told her that we were pregnant! WHICH I DID NOT! So while Melissa and I were talking, Craig went to talk to Nate and told him that I was pregnant. Then, Melissa went to get a cookie for her son and Nate said CONGRATS to me and I said "you told him!" to Craig. Nate was going to try and be nice and not tell anyone not even his wife but I knew that would be WAY to hard so when Melissa came back I told her that I lied...I am actually PREGNANT! So she we had a fun time talking after...and even though I wanted my family to be the first people to know, it was such a relief to tell someone and have someone to talk to about pregnancy. I have been wanting to call my sisters to ask questions but can't. URGH! But it was such a funny moment.
2008-12-13  (4 weeks)
So today (12/13) we took 2 more at home test to confirm that it's true. I took one more dollar store test that came out positive again and then I decided to take the expensive digital one. I woke up Craig to come watch the results with me. The digital test are COOL, it has a blinking hourglass while it is working and then all of the sudden BAM it said PREGNANT! Craig had mouth wash in his mouth so no scream came out but his face was scared...he was hoping that it was going to be a fluke...He is HAPPY about the baby...but NERVOUS about the changes to come.
A little later I was talking about plans for when the baby came and lets just say it was freaking Craig out and he said "let me get use to the idea first." So, I told him I would tone it down BUT that we were going to be telling our families in 12 days!!! We are going to tell them on Christmas...perfect timing on getting PREGO! Now I just have to figure out how we are going to tell them?????? All the ideas online are kind of LAME. I'm thinking about wrapping everyones gifts that we are giving them in Eggo boxes and writting "Lego my Eggo, Cyndi is PREGO!" but I don't know if that is lame too. URGH, I want it to be fun and cool and PERFECT!
2008-12-12  (4 weeks)
This morning (12/12) I took a pregnancy test. I should have started my period a few days ago and it hasn't come yet and although we aren't really trying to get pregnant, we aren't trying hard not to. I want to have a baby and I have been trying to warm Craig up to the thought of it for a while. He let me stop birth control at the begining of October but I told him that we could still you condoms. Just in case I have been secretly keeping track of when we have "forgotten" or "choosen" not to use protection, because I don't know how fertil I am and you NEVER know. So in November CRAIG chose not to use it and it was bad timing for him...because the next day I checked to see if I was ovulating and it said it was ther PERFECT time for us to be trying. So, I told him that day..."just to let you know I am ovulation and there is a possiblity that I could become pregnant." So ever since that day I have been thinking about it constantly and as the date that I should be on my period drew closer I couldn't wait much longer. I went to the dollar store to buy a bunch of pregnancy tests. I took one a few days before (what should have been) my period but it came out negative. I knew it was to early to tell but who knows how good these things are...they are from the dollar store. So, I waited a few more days and my breasts were very tender and I was thinking this is so unusual I have to be pregnant. So I should have started my period on the 9th but I waited until the 12th (today) to take a test again. I did it first thing in the morning like it suggests and Craig was still in bed (we both slept in); and too my surprise BOTH lines showed up. I was freaking out inside...there were too many emotions I didn't even know what I was feeling...I don't keep secrets from Craig and since he is a little iffy about if we are ready to have kids or not I had to tell him right away. I had a half smile, half freaked out look on my face and I went to the bed and told him that I just took a test and it is positive...come see.  He of course is skeptical and we are waiting a few more days to take another one but I on the other hand am so excited! I have been looking up info about pregnancy, how to tell your friends and family, finding a good OBGYN, and all sorts of prego things online...I can't help it...this is every girls dream. I am so excited about it and can't wait to see the doctor and tell my family and friends! Since Christmas is coming I am going to tell my family on Christmas! I can't WAIT!
BABY-We are so excited to watch you grow and can't WAIT to meet you in 9 months!

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