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2008-10-26  (baby has arrived)
Moving away from babycrowd
Hi everyone!

I will no longer be posting here on Babycrowd. I am moving my musings to Blogger, a site that is easier to navigate and has many more options.

Please visit my new blog, The Art of Monkey, at:

You can bookmark the link, and/or use the "subscribe to my blog" option at the bottom of the blogger page so that you will receive an email notification when I post something new.

Thank you all for reading my Babycrowd blogs, and I hope you enjoy The Art of Monkey!

2008-10-19  (baby has arrived)
First birthday present of the year!
My mom came to visit this weekend and got the kids their first birthday present - a membership to the Portland Children's Museum!! We spent the morning there and had sooooo much fun!! I even got my face painted (by the kids, lol). In fact, our whole weekend was a blast! And we taught the kids that when we ask them who the next president is, they throw their arms up and yell "OBAMA!!!" LMAO!!! (There is a video in the below link!)

Gotta go get the kiddos in jammies. Enjoy the pics!
2008-10-12  (baby has arrived)
Long time no blog!
Hi all! I know I haven't blogged on here in awhile. Just busy, I guess!

I've got two new sets of pics on photobucket:

Not a whole lot new going on. The kids keep growing and saying new words. My work is starting to settle now that I have two new (awesome!) employees that I can transfer some of my duties to. Kyle is starting a new job at a new restaurant next weekend - yay for adult interaction!! :-D  It's kind of a pub, that specializes in beers, meat pie/pasty, and pickled/cured things. Pretty neat - and he's learning a lot already! For now it's part time, and the hours work really well for us. YEAH!!

Went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. Giovanna kept saying "punky!" and Roman kept saying "apple" and "ball." LOL! We had a blast, though it royally messed up the kids' sleep schedule, which made for a rough evening and night.

We went to the Portland Children's Museum today for our friend's daughter's second birthday, and again, had a blast! Got soaked in the water room, filled buckets and trucks in the digging room, made music on the music stage, dressed up and sang and danced on the theater stage, and ate cake and drank juice with a bunch of other babies! We had to get them up a little early from their nap (which they'd started early anyway) so hopefully they will zonk out tonight. *fingers crossed*!!
2008-09-07  (baby has arrived)
Impromptu beach trip!
We decided this morning to go to the beach - the kids' first time ever, and our first time since our honeymoon! We checked out our options and decided on Seaside - lots of beach, and the shortest drive (about an hour and a half). We had a blast! Giovanna did NOT want to touch the sand, though - she spent most of her time on the beach towel with mama, though we did get her to have a little fun in the water (with shoes on, lol - and still she got pissed when the water touched her!). We were pretty sure Roman would have more of an issue (the boy has a hard time passing pine cones on the ground when we go to the park - he just says "ew? ew? ew?" and whines until we get rid of the pine cone or pick him up... sigh...) but he did fine with the sand! He even piled it on himself! And he had fun in the water, except when a wave took him by surprise and he landed on his butt.

We got a ton of great pics. The dog you see in the pics is Alex. We're testing him out - some friends of ours are moving out of state and he needs a new home. He's little, very well-behaved, and great with the kids. Even Merlin tolerates him (probably because he's not much bigger than Merlin, lol). We've had him since yesterday afternoon, and he seems to be fitting in like he's been here forever. We'll decide tomorrow if we want to keep him.

Without further ado, here's pics!

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