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2007-11-20  (baby has arrived)
My first time as a stay-at-home-on-the-weekend mom!
Since Kyle's back to work evenings and weekends, that means I have a lot more mommy/baby time! Last week the evenings were hard with the kids being sick and none of us sleeping well. I'd just lie on the floor and let them pummel me until they got hungry or needed  diaper change (which was once an hour or more! eek!).

Finally, this weekend was sooooo much better! They had almost stopped throwing up and their poops were finally back to normal. We spent Saturday around the house and I actually got some housework done while Ginny took a marathon 4+ hour nap and Roman napped for a good chunk of that time.

Sunday was more of an adventure. We took daddy to work, and then we went to Fred Meyer all by ourselves and without the carrier carseats! This may not sound like a feat, but it requires picking up 2 babies out of their carseats without putting one down (hard enough to do one, much less two!), and lugging them and the diaper bag into the store to find a double-seat cart. Of course, there was one, but some lady grabbed it for her ONE kid before I could get to it. She was actually really nice, though - she offered it to me when she saw me trying to put Ginny in a regular cart and carry Roman.

We got stopped by a lot of older ladies and other moms of young babies. Roman had his super-cute face on the whole time and was just adorable. He even acted shy and snuggled on his sister a couple times! Ginny was stoic-faced and quiet most of the trip. She didn't have any smiles to give out.

As I was making my way up to the checkout, I realized one of the kids had pooed, so we quickly bought our stuff and headed to the restroom. Of course, those giant car-carts don't fit through the door well, and I wasn't about to leave all of our groceries, my diaper bag, and one of the babies in the hallway while I changed the other one, so I struggled to get it in. Once inside, there was thankfully plenty of room. Roman was the stinker, so I took him out and started getting him undressed. I quickly realized his diaper had exploded up his back and into his onesie! A quick check revealed that OF COURSE I had no changes of clothes in the bag. Luckily, his pants and jacket didn't get anything on them, so he just went onesieless until we got home. I somehow managed to get the cart back out of the bathroom and we were on our way home! Kyle was off pretty late, so the kids and I played until it was time to pick him up.

The whole weekend had a very surprising affect on me: self confidence! I haven't had a lot of time where I was taking care of the kids for more than an hour or two, so going through this weekend proved that I could do it! I feel like a much more capable and confident mama!

Quick milestone updates:

Ginny is up to 11 steps! I was so excited, which made her excited. She clapped and clapped for herself.

Roman is working on some more teeth (he already has 6)! I swear he'll have a full mouth of teeth before Ginny's 3rd one comes through all the way.

We've started the transition to whole milk. They've been getting a couple ounces here and there to test it out, and they are having absolutely no problems with it! We've only given them organic milk (and plan do to so as much as possible) and we still do formula over for about half of their intake. It's still an exciting transition!

Well, that's all the news today. Tune in next time for the Twins First Thanksgiving (at least out of the hospital) Story.  :-)
2007-11-16  (baby has arrived)
Official first steps! and a craaaaaazy week.
Ginny is up to 5 steps, if we tempt her with a Cheerio or rattle. Roman stands for a loooooong time, as long as no one looks at him (then he falls into our arms and cracks up), and will take 2 steps toward us. They both will spontaneously let go of stuff and take steps to grab onto something else. Can we officially say first steps? YES! So OFFICALLY, both kids started walking at 12 months (10 months adjusted). Right on track! Their preferred mode of transportation is still crawling, though.

Last week, Kyle's temp agency offered him a job to help open the deli in a new store in town. He accepted and started last weekend. They have had "soft open" days all week, and tonight is their "grand opening" and they expect a ridiculous number of customers. I'd be scared, but Kyle is excited! Since he's working the deli, he is in his element and I'm sure he'll have a blast.

Last weekend was also another first for the babies: a stomach virus. Booooo! Ginny spent all morning on Sunday throwing up, then slept for over 3 hours, then was fine all night. Monday was fine. Tuesday, both Ginny and Roman woke up puking and have thrown up off and on all week. Some days it will only be once, some days 3 or 4 times. They have also had some horrible diarrhea that resulted in poor Ginny getting a very bad diaper rash. We had several calls with the doctor and her medical assistant, and were told again and again that as long as there was no fever (there wasn't) and the kids were responsive (they were their happy normal selves, though a little crankier from throwing up and diaper rash) that there wasn't anything they could do.

Well, yesterday, Kyle took them in to the doctor anyway, for our peace of mind at least, and it went pretty much as expected. They may throw up for another 2-3 days, and the diarrhea could last another week (it's related to the changes in their diet - their first time on Pedialyte and they've been getting less solids because they've had very little appetite). The doc also gave us a prescription for cream for Ginny's rash. With everything coming out of them, we were worried about their weights, but they've actually gained more in the last 2 weeks than they had the month before!

We also made another appointment with Roman's GastroIntestinal doc to get an update on his reflux. Even before this virus, Roman's reflux seemed to be acting up again - he would kind of hiccup and get really fussy, especially when really hungry or right after eating. We will be asking if its a good idea to get him back on Zantac to at least give his throat some time to heal. I don't know if the doc will prescribe anything since he's gaining weight well, but we can tell he's uncomfortable so we'll see.

Kyle and I have had a more mild version of the virus. Very little appetite and an upset digestive tract, but no throwing up. Apparently, it's going around because we have some friends who had it the weekend before our kids got it, and there are a couple people at work with similar complaints.

Between diaper changes every 1-2 hours and nighttime throwing up and screaming fits, Kyle and I have had between 30 min and 4 hours (interrupted) of sleep each night this week. We're past the point of tired and into delirium, lol. I'm having flashbacks to those first few months after we brought the kids home...

Kyle's working tonight and tomorrow, but hopefully we'll have a chance to sleep someday soon. Maybe when the kids are in college... ;-)
2007-11-08  (baby has arrived)
We have WALKING!
Hey all! I added 2 videos to the birthday album (link in post below) and there are some pics in the Halloween album, too.

Ginny-boo FINALLY took a step for me! Just one at a time, but she's done it 3 times in the last 2 nights! I actually got it on video last night and will try to upload it today. I don't know if 1 step officially counts as "walking" but I'm still pretty excited! The Romanator thinks it's just hilarious (probably because I get all squealy and excited) and wants to do the "stand for 3 seconds, then fall into mommy's arms laughing my head off" game. LOL. He also says "hat" when Kyle says it to him. Ginny's fave is "Hi Dad" (sounds like "Ah-dah") when Kyle says "Hi Baby!" They are both really just learning the sounds and don't get the meaning yet, but it's still cool.

Ah, I just love when they learn new things. Makes my heart happy.  
2007-11-07  (baby has arrived)
The roller-coaster birthday weekend
Wow! What a weekend!

Friday - I got off work early, I bought the new carseats, then we packed up the kids and headed up north. We had to go back once for a few things we forgot (luckily we were only a mile or so away), then we headed out again. The kids slept most of the way, so were WIDE awake when we got to B'ham at about 8. They played with grandma, some new books from the cousins, and grandma's drums, and finally fell asleep around 11 or so. We all slept roughly, but we got hot chocolate in the morning, so no complaints here, lol.

Saturday - We played with the kids all morning, made angel food cake and whipped cream frosting, and Kyle made a nummy pasta dish for lunch. The kids had a total of ONE nap (instead of their usual 2-3) and it was only about an hour (instead of the usual 1-3 hours).

At about 2:45, Roman started screaming and we realized he had cut his finger! It bled a lot, but Kyle (superdaddy that he is) got him bandaged up and playing again. After several re-bandagings (Ro kept chewing off his bandage), we put a sock on his hand for the evening. He wasn't thrilled about it, but after a bit didn't seem to notice anymore.

Guests started arriving as DH was bandaging him, and the party began! Our cousins who we haven't seen in a LONG time were able to come, and they were so fun! Kyle told them stories and made them crack up. We got a ton of awesome presents (THANKS EVERYONE!!) and the kids didn't get too stressed from the noise.

A little later we pushed their high chairs up to the table and stuck cake in front of them. Ginny was eager to get involved with the cake, but Roman was a little wary. After a few minutes, they both got into it pretty well and got it smeared all over themselves. Poor Ro had to eat with a sock on one hand, but he managed pretty well, considering.

The evening wound down soon after and we got the kids to sleep with a minimum of fuss (they were sooooo tired after so little napping and so much activity!). They slept a bit better than the night before, but still ended up in bed with us and we did NOT sleep well.

Sunday: When Ro woke up at 4 (daylight savings time ended - he thought it was 5, lol), I stayed up with them while Kyle got a little sleep, then he came and took them around 6:30 (I had gotten Ro back to sleep at 5ish, then both kids woke up around 6), and let me sleep until almost 9! Then Kyle and my bro hung out for the morning while my mom and I played with the kids. We gave them baths in her big kitchen sink and went baby-stuff shopping. YAY!

At about 3, the babies and I headed over to my dad's and Kyle and my brother showed up barely a few minutes later. We carted the kids inside and played until dinner (very nummy!) and dessert, then headed out. We stopped briefly by Kyle's brother's house to check in on him and his kids, then headed south. The kids slept pretty much the whole way home.

As we pulled into our parking lot, Ginny started whining. By the time we got inside, she was throwing a little tantrum and wouldn't go to sleep. I walked around with her on my shoulder (the only way she wouldn't cry) and DH brought all of the stuff in. Ro had gone to bed with only minimal fussing, but then threw up in his crib so we had to change his sheet and get him back to sleep.

Kyle went into our bedroom to discover that Merlin (we're guessing) had been locked in there while we were gone and pissed and shat diarrhea all over our down comforter. Thankfully, none got on the bed. We threw out the comforter (it was waaaaay too far gone) and threw the sheets in the washer. Giovanna FINALLY went to bed and DH and I got settled in around midnight. Not long after, Ginny started fussing and she ended up in bed with us. Roman did the same, but not until about 4 or 5. Then I got up at 6:30 and went to work.

Well, that was our crazy roller-coaster birthday weekend extravaganza. Overall, very fun and great to see everyone, though we could have done without Roman's cut, cat poop, and Ginny's tantrums.

Oh, and throughout the whole weekend, Kyle was nursing a pain in his eye that had started when my sewing machine needle broke last week. He went to the doc this Monday and they said they couldn't find a needle tip, but that it looks like it had bounced off of his eye and left a pretty sizable gash. It did start feeling better yesterday, so we're hoping it heals on its own pretty soon. Meanwhile, he's wearing an eye patch (to avoid migraines since he can't have a contact in that eye for now) and looks a little pirate-y. lol!


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