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Baby has arrived!

2007-12-19  (baby has arrived)
Getting so big!!!
Well, both kids are now walking like crazy!! They've been able to take multiple steps for a couple of months, and Ginny has been walking consistently for about 3-4 weeks, and last week Roman decided that he would, too!  Here's some videos of both of them walking, as well as dancing, and many pics of them running around in diapers last night while we waited for their jammies to dry. (In the "Walking" video, Ginny is the one that pops up under me and is walking away, then Ro takes off from the fence). Sorry the vids are so dark!

We're really looking forward to seeing family this Christmas! Last year, Ro was still in the hospital so that's where we celebrated. This year, they are old enough to enjoy unwrapping stuff, getting oodles of attention from everyone, and eating grown-up food!

Other tricks the babies are doing: waving, trying to say cat (Ginny: kkitat; Roman: hhat/hhatat), sticking tongue out, playing/wrestling together, trying to feed us and each other (I am surprised at how tolerant I am of wet cracker in my mouth, lol), peekaboo with her hands (Ginny), taking his diaper off (Ro), taking pants off (both), patting their belly when we go "TUMMY!" and poke them like the Pilsbury Doughboy... The list goes on but that's all that's coming to mind at the moment.

Other news: we have a great new business idea! I am in the process of writing a business plan (there are several small-business groups down here that actually help write the plan, get money, and walk with you for 5 years to ensure your success!) and will have more info for those who ask. It's inexpensive to start, relatively easy to produce, and it's even creative!! I just don't want to post the details on the internet - who knows who's reading it?!?

My work is going well. The office is busy busy busy with many projects and events right now, which has been stressful. I will be spending Thursday/Friday this week at a short retreat with our Board of Directors, which would be fine except it means spending a night away from the kids for the first time since they came home from the hospital! I know, of course, that Kyle will be completely fine with them, but I will miss them all! I know many parents spend much more time away from their families then this, but for me it's a big deal. I can't wait for this week to be over so I can relax, enjoy a long weekend, and celebrate Christmas with family.

That's all for now, folks!
2007-12-11  (baby has arrived)
I know it's been a couple weeks...
Not a whole lot new right now. The kids are both getting better at walking and dancing! They are playing together more and more, including peekaboo, wrestling, and sticking their tongues out at each other. Or just laughing cracking each other up (which they do often).

HERE are a whole bunch of pics and videos.

We went and saw Santa last weekend at Cabela's and got a free pic. We haven't scanned it in yet (technical difficulties), but the one on the Photobucket album is one we took with our own camera. Ignore the "Safari" theme in the background, lol. We decided it was Santa's summer home. He's even wearing a camo shirt and has a camo Santa bag! At least he wasn't holding a gun or anything. Can't complain too much - it was free and the kids didn't scream!  :-)

Kids are finally over ANOTHER cold. For not being in daycare, it sure seems like they get a lot of colds. The doc said it was normal, though. They are still a little snotty, but not too bad.

I'm getting pretty excited about the kids' first real Christmas. They were born last Christmas, but we spent it at the hospital since Roman didn't come home until a few days later. We have stockings and a wreath and some Christmas lights up. I got Christmas eve off work so we can spend the long weekend with family in Bellingham. YAY!!!

On an unrelated side note, I learned how to make tortillas tonight! Just plain flour ones, but I was impressed with how simple they were! Plus, they were fresh, so I think they were better than the kind you can buy. Gotta work on my technique to get them rounder, though - they were a little misshapen, lol.

Well, enjoy the pics!
2007-11-29  (baby has arrived)
The babies are dance machines now! I finally got both of them on video at the same time! Here it is, along with several other videos and a couple of pics.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! (The "Everyone Dancing!!" one is my fave!)

Not a lot of other news. We're looking at other places to live since we're just SICK of this place. We found a potential place about 2 blocks from my work, so we'll see how that goes! It's the same rent, but water is paid and electric would be much cheaper. Plus, no carpets! Unfortunately, very little storage and it's coin-op laundry on site.

Kyle's job is going fine, and they have Santa there on the weekends so we're going to see him on Sunday (Kyle's first weekend day off since starting there)! I don't know why I'm so excited, lol. I used to think the mall Santa was a stupid thing to spend money on, but now I want the photo op. Plus, the one at Kyle's work is free! I am a bit worried that the kids will freak out because they are getting into the separation anxiety phase, but hopefully if we stay close it will be ok. They love when Kyle puts on the Santa hat/beard that we have! They crack up when he goes "HO HO HO" like they know he's supposed to do that.

No trace of the kids' sickness anymore! Now it's just growth spurts and teething (which equals random sleep schedules for babies and parents, as well as extreme baby-moodiness). Ginny is still eating grown up food like crazy. She ate almost a whole banana yesterday (minus about 2 little bites), plus baby food, Kix, and crackers a little bit later! She looooved the apple crisp I made the other night! Ro is generally still on self-feeding strike except for crackers, Kix, and these really awesome baby rice cracker things Kyle found called Mum-Mums (they melt really fast so we don't have to worry about Ro sticking a whole Ritz in his mouth and choking). He won't touch any other finger food so far. But he'll eat baby food off a spoon. He's even rejecting most ground up grownup foods (thanks for the baby food mill, mom!!) after the first couple of bites. Oh well, he'll eat "real" food eventually, right?

That's about all that's going on in Oly town. Can't wait for this cold weather to be over. The kids are too little to enjoy snow yet, so I just want it to get warmer so we can go outside again. And not have to spend an arm and a leg to heat the damn house.
2007-11-21  (baby has arrived)
Ginny's walking video!
She took 13 steps AND I GOT IT ON VIDEO!! (sorry its so dark)



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