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Baby has arrived!

2008-01-07  (baby has arrived)
Happy Due Date Day!
A year ago today is when the twins were due. Hard to believe they are over 14 months already, and that they are doing so well considering their prematurity.

Roman is now making kissy sounds (and expects us to do it back at him, lol), and when he does, Ginny sometimes takes it as a cue to go over to him and give him a big, open-mouthed, slobbery baby kiss! Ro, who is used to daddy's tickly kisses, tends to shy away and giggle. This may be the most adorable thing on the planet. :-D

Both kids are trying to say several words now! Ginny has been saying "Hi" for a couple weeks, and Ro is getting good at saying "Cat," though it often still sounds like "Tat" or "Hhat." Other than "Dada" and "Mama," I think those are officially their first words!

We're trying to wean the bedtime bottle since they have decided to refuse formula now and they aren't supposed to have milk before sleeping (the sugars can rot baby teeth!). Ro does pretty well, though he tosses and turns and whines (while mostly asleep) for awhile before finally going out. Ginny is much more difficult - she fights tooth and nail to keep from sleeping. She'll play, yell, hit, cry, and scream before falling asleep without a bottle, and she won't take water or formula at all - it just pisses her off more. The last two nights were something of a battle, with us finally giving in. I think we may try watering down the milk in her last bottle gradually to see if that helps transition. Besides, we need to teach them the good sleeping habit of not needing a bottle. We even tried reintroducing a pacifier (which they both self-weaned from back in June or July), but she just played with it, then threw it in irritation. Fine with me - I hate the damn pacifiers. Pain in the bum to keep track of and keep clean. We picked up some good books from the library on teaching healthy sleep habits to toddlers (without using the cry-it-out method which does NOT work for Ginny), so hopefully they will have some insight.

We're also trying to use sippy cups every day to wean from the bottles entirely. They both do ok with the Nuby sippy, and are even ok with the Avent ones (which are less like bottle nipples than the Nuby ones), but in the end they both still scream for a bottle before going down for a nap.

Happy one-year-due-date-day to the kids! We'll see what and where 2008 brings us. :-)
2008-01-02  (baby has arrived)
Photobucket is now working!
Here's the link again:

2007-12-31  (baby has arrived)
Photobucket not working
Sorry, Photobucket is so busy it's not uploading anything for me. I'll try again later tonight, but for now the link in my last entry won't have any photos in it. Sorry!!

Here's Kyle's Webshots site:

Just go to the "Christmas" album, and the shots from last weekend start on page 3.
2007-12-31  (baby has arrived)
Babies' "first" Christmas!
I'm calling this their "first" Christmas since we spent last year in the hospital because Roman hadn't come home yet.  Sorry I haven't been able to write this sooner - we've had a pretty busy last week!

We spent the four-day weekend in Bellingham with family. We stayed at my mom's, where the kids were so excited to see their grandma! They were all grins and laughs when they saw her, and they walked right up to her for snuggles and tickles.

We saw Kyle's mom, who has a really neat new air freshener - it's basically a piece of stainless steel sitting in water (though it looks more stylish than it sounds, lol). The oxidation process neutralizes odors in the air without nasty chemicals. Pretty cool! Kyle and the kids played on his mom's piano and the kids tried to play with her new puppy (Sylvia, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), but the dog was pretty wary of the kids and spent most of her time running laps around the furniture.

My dad made an excellent roast on Christmas eve, and Temi made a freakin' delicious pecan pie, and we all exchanged presents and watched the kids walk, dance, and play with the "other" babies in my dad's wall mirror, lol. It was pretty darn cute! The kids were sure tuckered out by the end of the night!

The next morning we spent getting ready for Christmas dinner at Nana/GG's. Kyle made a gigantic prime rib roast that was absolutely delicious, gravy, and TONS of fudge (which was nummy despite the unusual texture, lol). Everyone else's food was great, too! Someone made a great apple crumb pie (sorry, I don't know who made it!) that was sooooooo good!! There was a lot of other great food, but I don't have the time to list it all right now, lol!

The kids were so fun! They didn't really "get" the concept of opening presents yet, but they sure loved playing with all of the toys, the wrapping paper, and the bows! They also charmed everyone with their walking, dancing, "talking," laughing, and general cuteness (if I do say so myself, lol). They sure learned a lot since we were up for Thanksgiving! We also played Santa Bag and I think we made out pretty well! We couldn't fit everything in the car, so some of the kids' stuff is staying at my mom's for when we visit.

It started snowing as we left Bellingham, which made for some fairly dicey roads for the first part of our trip. The snow was gone by the time we got to Burlington, though, so the rest of the drive was fine.

We got home around 11, worried that the kids would want to wake up and play since they had fallen asleep at 7:30 (way earlier than their normal bedtime), but they just wanted a little milk, then fell back asleep for the night. I had to go to work the next morning, but Kyle said they'd slept for awhile after I left! Longest night of sleep EVER, lol.

We hoped it would be a sign of good sleep to come, but alas, it was not meant to be. Ginny got a cold a couple days after we got home, which has been mostly coughing and snottiness. Ro just started having cold symptoms yesterday, though his so far is mainly congestion. He would have fallen asleep last night at a decent time, but he woke himself up around 10 by throwing up. He threw up again this afternoon, but it looks like it's just an upset tummy because of the phlegm. Between Ro's throwing up and Ginny's deciding never to sleep again (eek!), the kids were up until 1 am last night! And since they aren't feeling good, they spent all night fussing and tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. Kyle was a sweetheart and he let me sleep in this morning, even though Ro still woke up around 8. Argh.

Of course, I'm sick, too, and this cold has hit me like a freaking fire engine. All I want to do is curl up and drink hot cocoa, but there are kids to watch and stuff to do. Thankfully, we've had another 4 day weekend, so we've been able to relax a bit, though of course it's not all fun and happy with a bunch of sick people in a house together. Luckily, Kyle hasn't gotten sick or we'd all be even more cranky.

CLICK HERE for the Christmas weekend pics. (I am loading them as I type and have been having some technical difficulties with Photobucket, so if there's nothing there, or not much there, just try back again later) The pics with frames around them were taken by  my mom's husband, Rick. The nekkid ones of the babies are of them taking a bath in my mom's jumbo kitchen sink. They had fun and Rick got some great pics! I have more pics to upload from my phone new, but we haven't figured out how to do that yet, lol.

Well, have a great New Year, everyone!

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