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Baby has arrived!

2008-02-13  (baby has arrived)
New pics and videos...
I uploaded a bunch last night.


Please take note of the following milestones (linked):
 - Nose picking
 - Spinning around until dizzy
 - Giving mommy a heart attack
 - Superpowers
 - Making friends with the kitty
 - Making friends with the kitty, part 2

Ah, good fun. :-)   
2008-02-03  (baby has arrived)
Finished uploading videos
As promised in my previous entry, I am hereby notifying you that I finished uploading videos to my photobucket (link in 1/31 entry). Enjoy!
2008-01-31  (baby has arrived)
January pics!
I was up late trying to get Photobucket updated, but still didn't get all the videos posted. Here's what I have so far (and it's a lot, lol!). I will post again when I get the last few videos up - probably this weekend.

2008-01-28  (baby has arrived)
Amazing weekend in Bellingham!
Wow - what a weekend! Kyle had a seminar/class/workshop thing Thurs/Fri evenings and all day Sat and Sun (I'll let him tell about that if/when he wants to), so it was me, the twins, my mom, and various family members all weekend.

Kyle decided we were weaning from bottles entirely by not bringing them to Bellingham (yeah, easy for him to say since I was the one feeding them all weekend, lol!), and that turned out ok. They didn't fall asleep quite as easily as popping a bottle in their mouths, but it was smoother than I thought. Granted, their main sippy cups are Nuby soft-spout (almost like a bottle but not quite), and Ro hasn't quite gotten the hang of the hard-spout sippy (though he will chew on it all day long), but still a step in the toddler direction.

Over the last week, Kyle and I have instituted a bedtime routine: dinner, clean up play area, bath, sippy cups of water, story, and then bed. The process was a little rough at first, as was expected, but as the week went on, they seemed to kind of expect the next step. At least, they didn't seem as surprised to get a bath after clean-up time, lol. Also, with a scheduled story time and with Kyle reading to them more during the day, they have really started to like being read to! And as of this weekend, it puts them right to sleep!!! This is veeeeeery exciting to me, as I have been trying to wean the bedtime bottle and have met with limited success getting Ginny to fall asleep without it. Ginny falls asleep best with counting, and Ro (who is usually easier to get to sleep) zonks with any story we've tried so far. When they get sleepy, they will actually pull their books out of the toy bin and will sometimes even bring them to us!!! AMAZING!

Also on the developmental milestone front, the kids expanded their vocabulary a LOT this weekend. This includes:

Ginny: "Dance Dance Dance" (Dant Dant Dant, while she shakes her booty); "Hi;" "Hello" (heh-oh, usually while holding something up to her ear like a phone); "Thanks" (tnk, often while signing "thank you"); "Dog" (at least while mimicking us) and a few others she copied after we said it.

Roman: "Dance Dance Dance" (Dat Dat Dat, while doing the twist); "Hi" (while waving); "Thanks" (tant, often while signing "thank you" and he has copied a few signs we've done to him.)

They are also becoming expert stair climbers (though they haven't learned to climb down yet, so we are RIGHT behind them the whole way) which tuckers them out nicely for sleepy time.

They're also trying really hard to run (lol!) and both get to standing without pulling up, which they've been doing for a week or two. And they like to try to carry around heavy things which by some miracle hasn't squished their toes yet.

Overall, the weekend was very busy and a little exhausting, but also relaxing! It was extremely nice to have at least one other eager set of hands (usually two or more) around to help with the kids. And I love seeing the relationships grow between the kids and their extended family!

Next step - the kids sleeping in their own cribs ALL NIGHT. They have officially outgrown sleeping in the bed with us, since they spend half the night kicking, trying to play with, or otherwise bothering each other or us. They still are having trouble getting back to sleep without us during the night, though, so even when they start out in their own cribs, they often end up with us. We'll see how that goes...

We have a ton of pics and video that I will TRY to get uploaded tonight.  

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