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Baby has arrived!

2008-03-13  (baby has arrived)
Internet has been down!
Sorry, no new pics today. Our internet at home has been down since last weekend (we should have it up tomorrow or Monday), so we'll try to get some pics up as soon as possible.  :-)

We've been playing at the park (or the mall play area when it's rainy) almost every day! Sooooo fun. Both kids push off from the top of the slide now, and crack up. Both kids are pretty social on the playground, but in very different ways. Ginny is so adventurous and will get right up in other kids' faces and say "HI!" or just grin at them. Ro watch them for awhile, then say "hi" and wave, or crack up - and he's more drawn to adults than other kids, especially pretty women, lol.

2 weekends ago we went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle and the kids had a BLAST! There is a big play area just for toddlers, and a few other fun activities they could do. Plus, Kyle and I had a great time because we're nerds and love science, lol. We bought a year membership for Kyle and I (the kids are free until they are 3) so we can go back as often as we want in the next year - yay!

I am so astounded every day at how smart the kids are. They learn things so quickly and are doing so good at listening! Kyle's such a great dad and teacher for them!! We're having a little issue with hitting, but time out seems to be working (at least short term for now) as a deterrent. They are knee-deep in separation anxiety, so it's hard for us to be out of their sight at all, or we are called back with ear-splitting screams. Yesterday was better than it's been, so we'll see.

We're heading to Portland this weekend to visit my dad, stepmom, Temi (who is moving their officially this weekend), and Matt (who will be there for the weekend). Dad and Janet haven't seen the kids for a couple months - so that will be so fun to show off how much they've changed since Christmas!!! We're also excited to see their house and explore the Portland area. Yay!

I'll post again when we can get pics uploaded. :-)
2008-02-27  (baby has arrived)
The last 2 weeks have been eventful!
The day after my last post, we got our tax return! Most of our tax return was used to get bills up to date and pay off our car (no more monthly car payment!!! WOO HOO!). On a whim, we decided to get portraits done of the kids (finally, after 15 month, lol!). They were in everyday outfits, and Ginny's hair was a touch unruly, but they turned out freakin' great! All in all, we didn't spend that much money (got the least expensive package available), and we had a great time. CLICK HERE to see the professional pics.

The sun finally came out this month, so we've been taking the kids to the park every day. This has been sufficiently tuckering them out so they've been going to bed between 8 and 9! (Instead of 9-11). YAY!!!!!! They sleep through the night about half the time these days, so it seems to be improving. :-)

The park has also given us some wonderful photo ops. CLICK HERE for the latest snapshots of the kids. Note Ginny's new 'do - PIGTAILS! They don't stay in long, but I absolutely LOVE them!!!

With all the play time around other people, they're really showing off their social skills, too. Of course, being the complete and total opposites they are, they have vastly different ways of doing this. Ginny just walks right up to kids or other parents and gives them huge smiles or laughs. Of course, this thrills the adults to no end, and most kids think it's great, too! One little girl even started signing the alphabet with Ginny and when Ginny started moving her hands (I sign and sing the alphabet every day and they mimic me), the little girl got so excited! Ro, ever the patient observer, will stand at the edge of the playground for ages, just surveying. Then, he'll either walk around slowly, carefully touching and inspecting any interesting thing in his path, or he'll find a cute little girl or a pretty mom and flirt his little heart out. He gives those a-freakin-dorable shy little smiles, rests his head on their knee, or just stares at them with a little smirk.

Another fun playtime activity: VENGANCE! I wish I would have been there for this; Kyle told me about it last night. The kids were in the mall play area yesterday and some little boy (about 4) came up behind Ro and pushed him full-on into the toy he was standing next to. Of course, Ro started crying and the kid took off running (not listening to his mom's weak attempts at a reprimand). Unfortunately for him, the little boy ran right past Ginny, who reached out and grabbed his pants, making the boy faceplant. She even yelled at him for hurting her brother. Kyle told Ginny "no," of course, and he got a snooty look from the little boy's mom as they left the play area, but he and the other parents who saw the whole thing knew the boy had been bullying Ro. The funny thing is, we've known since the kids were a few months old that the kids would have these specific playground personalities. (I should also mention that the toys at this play area are made of a soft-ish rubbery material).

Oh, and the kids are starting to give real hugs! It just melts me every time.
2008-02-14  (baby has arrived)
15 month appointment!
The kids' 15 month appointment went just fine! They each got a few shots and had a small blood draw to check iron levels (they've never had an issue with that, but it's standard procedure with preemies). What should have been a 15 min appointment turned into 2 hours because everyone at the office wanted to see them! Our doc's assistant, Kevin (who LOVES our kids - he has a kid of his own a year or so older than the twins), walked around with Roman for awhile because Ro fell asleep on him, lol! And Ginny actually laughed when they poked her foot for the blood draw. Silly girl!

Anyway, their new weights are...

Roman: 23 lbs 2 oz
Ginny: 24 lbs even

Ginny measured about an inch taller, too. It's normal for growth to slow down during this time, and Ginny eats a lot more than our picky little Ro, so it's not surprising that she's bigger than him now! They are both still our chunka-lunkas!

That's all for now!  :-)
2008-02-13  (baby has arrived)
Roman's first hair cut!!
You may have known that Kyle was REFUSING to get Ro's hair cut. Part of me loves the little rocker/skater boy look, but the other part of me (the bigger part of me) has to shampoo and comb that mop. No easy task. Plus, it was getting in his eyes...

Even last night, Kyle was protesting even a little trim.

Then an hour ago, at work, I receive an email that says simply: another milestone we've reached, along with the following pictures (shown here in slideshow form):


I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to go home and rub his head, lol! My little Centurion. LOVE IT!!

Notice that Ginny didn't get a cut yet, only a crazy crazy style, lol. Her hair is a little shorter and straighter than Ro's was, and much more manageable.




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