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Baby has arrived!

2008-04-27  (baby has arrived)
One more week!
It's hard to believe that next weekend we'll be living in Portland! In 8 days I start my new job! EEEEEK!!!!! Exciting, but terrifying! We're packing like crazy this weekend and hope to have almost everything ready by the end of the day, so we can do last minute stuff and cleaning during the week. So much to do!

The babies are doing great! Giovanna got a new word: Ball! She also kind of says Monkey - it sounds like "Mmmee!" LOL! Little snippets of language are understandable in her endless stream of baby talk. It's hilarious! Ro is getting into climbing and standing on everything, and he's such a sweet, loving little boy! He's always up for snuggles.

Both kids know what most things are and will go get them if I ask. They are especially good at finding monkeys, books, sippy cups, socks, shoes, and balls. They will also often get cars, diapers, toothbrushes, and a few other things. They both know who they are and will point to themselves if we say their name. Giovanna even says Boogie (her main nickname) which sounds a lot like Buhbee, lol. They both point to mama and daddy if we ask, too. So cool!

Here's some new pics and videos of the kids:

2008-04-17  (baby has arrived)
Well, it's official! We're moving to Portland. Holy cow. I got a new job - with the State of Oregon! It's a great job with much more stable future than my little nonprofit (though I will miss my coworkers/friends sooooooo much!!!).  We'll be moving the weekend of May 3rd/4th, which means we're missing a couple of our friends' kids' birthdays. :-(

The kids are doing great! They are both saying some new words (juice, banana, baby, and no touch) and they point to each other when we say their names! They show so much love now, with random kisses, hugs, and snuggles. I love it!

I uploaded a ton of new pics and videos here:

2008-04-08  (baby has arrived)
The last few weeks
Well, I had this whole entry typed up and my browser shut down and it disappeared. Argh.

March was a busy busy month, hence the lack of writing here, lol.

In early March, we headed down to Portland to visit my Dad, Janet, Temi, and Matt. We had a blast - the kids got some great bonding time with the extended family and we got a tour of at least part of Portland, courtesy of my dad.

Two weekends ago, we headed up to Bellingham for my birthday celebration, and IT SNOWED! At the end of March. In Western Washington. I don't remember it ever snowing AFTER my birthday before, but it sure did this year! We almost got stuck at my mom's house (since she's up on a hill) but it melted in time for my birthday party on Sunday. We had a great time there, and our little cousin Jordan really connected with the kids! They followed her around and kept reporting to us whenever they smiled or said a sound that sounded vaguely like a word, lol.

Then yesterday, we went to the Pacific Science Center with Suman and Jason, and had so much fun! Suman and I hung out with the kids in the toddler play area, watching Giovanna be a daredevil and Roman being a musician. The fellas went around and played with all the experiments and interactive displays. We went for pizza (the kids were so tuckered out that Ginny was falling asleep in her dinner and Ro was laughing hysterically to himself) and found a Coldstone (about 10 blocks away, not 4 like the waitress had said, lol) for dessert. The kids zonked in the car before we even got to the freeway, and it was only 7:30!

The kids are 17 months old now. Long gone are the days of explaining that they were 10 weeks early. Now people see them and say "17 months? Wow, they are big kids!" LOL! Percentile-wise, they are hitting about the middle of the curve for height and weight, and above that for head circumference.

Giovanna is absolutely fearless. She will climb up, slide down, and stand on anything. Thanks to her daddy, she has learned how to fall safely and very rarely hurts herself, unless she's knocked over by another kid. She's super-friendly these days and always has a smile for whoever is smiling at her.

Roman is super cautious, like his mama. He watches everything VERY carefully before getting involved, and gets very intently involved in how something works before moving on to the next task. He is also such a charmer. He'll smile and act all shy, especially around women, and especially around redheads.

I have uploaded 2 sets of pics/videos since I last posted, so here are the links:

2008-03-15  (baby has arrived)
CLICK HERE for Pacific Science Center pics and a ton of park pics. Fun times!


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