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Baby has arrived!

2008-06-19  (baby has arrived)
Crazy weekend at Ranier!
Kyle catered a wedding at The Lodge Near Mount Ranier last weekend. Looooooong story very short: fiasco! He didn't have everything he needed, the crew didn't show up when expected, my phone was lost (then found broken), and the kids were antsy most of the weekend. Still, we had a lot of fun and saw 12 deer! Then I almost hit a deer on the way down from the lodge. Hooray for new brakes!! Along with everything, I was way overhormonal (sorry if TMI, but my cycles have shrunk from 27 days to 21-23 days, so it seems I'm always menstrual or premenstrual. Fun.)

Without further ado, here are pics and videos!
2008-06-01  (baby has arrived)
The fair!
The Rose Festival is this weekend in Portland and we went last night! We skipped the rides, but we did check out the petting zoo - and the kids had a blast! Giovanna gave the bunny some smooches, but was wary of the big animals. Roman loved all the animals and kept running around in circles from excitement. We got lots of pictures and video!

Kyle also took the kids to a HUGE park near downtown Portland yesterday. We'll be going back very soon! There are a lot of toys that are friendly for smaller kids, and there's a big sandbox!

Without further ado, here's pics!
2008-05-27  (baby has arrived)
Just time for a pic update!
Gotta catch some zzzzz's before having to work tomorrow, so I just have time to upload new pics.

Please note Roman's new haircut and Giovanna's new hair style. Mowhawks and Medusas are what happen when I mention to Kyle that Roman needs a haircut, lol.

2008-05-17  (baby has arrived)
We are now officially in PORTLAND!
Well, technically we've been here a couple of weeks, but we finally have internet access so I can post here!

First thing's first: PICS!! Enjoy!

I can't believe the kids are over a year and a half old. It's just crazy! They are really talking up a storm, even if we don't always understand what they're saying. Some of their faves are ball (Giovanna's fave), dance (Roman's fave), mama, daddy, no (that's a fun one), mine, boogie (sounds like "baby"), banana, apple, cheese, feet, teeth, (actually almost anything with an ee sound!), and some others.

They've also started signing a lot more recently - they sign for when they are hungry, want more, milk (sometimes), and sleep (sometimes), and they follow along (kinda) to itsy-bitsy spider and the ABCs. I love it - it's so cute, and very helpful!! We can really see the relief in their faces when they are finally able to get their request understood by signing. :-)

The move was HARD in a very short amount of time, but somehow we made it. We're staying in a family member's vacant apartment and looking for our own, permanent, place. My new job is pretty good - it's work, but it's relatively low pressure compared to my last job (at least so far - I'm only 2 weeks in!). Sounds like my old work is doing fine with the woman who replaced me, too! We only had 2 days of overlap (thank goodness she could start right away!) and I am sure I missed a lot. But hey, I didn't have anyone training me there and I managed! Luckily, I've got a lot of resources in my office, including the woman who had the job before me (she was promoted and is just a few cubicles over).

The kids have been sick the last couple days, last night being the worst for Giovanna, who woke constantly and didn't settle down until she was draped across my chest with me sitting up. Somehow I dozed off in that position, but we didn't get much sleep. Now it's getting late, so I'd better head to bed while the kids are zonked!

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