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Baby has arrived!

2008-07-24  (baby has arrived)
New word: "Tattoo"
Just a short update on the kids today.

One of their new favorite words is "Tattoo!" Kyle gave them each a temporary tattoo on Monday, and when I asked what it was, they both started pointing (to their own and each others) and saying "Tattoo! Tattoo!" After several tries, I got it on film. Yay!! That evening at the park there was another little boy with a bunch of temp tattoos and the twins ran up and compared ink, lol! They also point out Kyle's and my real tattoos. :-)

They are also getting into hugs! At least, Giovanna is. She runs up to give Ro hugs and he often just takes it or attempts evasive action. She always holds her face away so his mohawk doesn't tickle her face! He's quick to give her kisses, though.

All else is well! Here's the latest pics and videos (including "Tattoo!"). You'll have to copy and paste the text into your browser because I can't get the link thingy to work. Argh!
2008-07-12  (baby has arrived)
New pics and video!

7/14 - sorry about the messed up link. It should work now!
2008-07-11  (baby has arrived)
Update on us!
Hi all, sorry I haven't updated in a bit. Here's what is going on with us!

We've been doing really well going on a walk to the FAR park (as opposed to the NEAR park) every night. I've also been tracking my food on, and have averaged below 1800 calories for the last 2.5 weeks! :-)  It's hard sometimes, but I'm keeping very focused.

We finally moved out of our storage unit last weekend, and into our apartment, which is now full of boxes and bags of stuff to go through (again). We're having another garage sale. Kyle's been kicking butt getting through all the stuff during the day - good thing the kids play together nicely in their room for long periods of time during the day! And they take a regular 3+ hour nap in the middle of the day, which helps a lot. Of course, he gets them outside at least once during the day in addition to our park walk in the evenings, and he has a couple hours set aside every day for reading and drawing. He's such an awesome daddy. :-)

The kids are in the middle of WORD EXPLOSION phase! The other night, Giovanna called out to us when she was supposed to be going to sleep, and when Kyle went to check on her, she said "die-puh poop?" (diaper poop) and it sure smelled like poop! He checked her and she was clean, so we figure she must have had a nasty fart or something, haha! I can't even list all the words they say now since the list grows by the minute, but it's getting to be a pretty big vocabulary, and they have strung together 2 word sentences already!

They are getting into animal sounds, too! If I point to a sheep or say "what sound does a sheep make?" Giovanna (usually) says "baaaaa" with a sort of laughy sound, so it comes out about right! Both kids meow and woof at cats and dogs correctly, too (Ro usually woofs the second he hears or sees a dog, or if we say dog or puppy, because he LOVES dogs!), and they both mimic any animal noise we make. Both kids also sort legos by size, and stick them together into long, uniform planks so that all the 2x2 legos are together and all the 2x6 legos are together. I just saw this last night, though Kyle says they've been doing it for about two weeks!

They both truly kick a ball (as opposed to kind of walking into it and it happens to get kicked) when we ask them to, which apparently they aren't supposed to have the motor skills for until they are older! And they throw a ball or frisbee in the general direction they aim for. Ro is a little strongman - he hangs from the monkeybars (with Kyle right below him of course) for over a minute, then drops into daddy's arms, cracking up. Both kids have great balance, too. Giovanna likes to practice walking the balance beam at the park, holding onto daddy's hand. Ro can sit and hold on in a big kid swing without falling, even when we swing him a little - we aren't going to try to swing him a lot, of course.

Ro's got a big blue bonk on his noggin from falling down the slide TWICE the other day. He's climbed that slide dozens of times and never fallen, but twice in a row he somehow flipped around and went face first off the end into the bark. We figure he was trying to stand before reaching the top. Poor thing cried for a bit, but then we had fun making a game out of pulling the bark off our clothes and he cracked up. He cried (a lot) again when we had to put the ice pack on it, but we made a game out of that, too - Ro, Giovanna, and I all took turns holding it on our foreheads. It seemed to work ok, even though it was only for a few seconds at a time. The whole incident didn't scare him off of slides, though! The next day, he went right back on them, though he was a little more careful. :-)

My job is going fine - nothing too exciting at the moment. I've had a crazy week with a lot of last-minute meeting planning, but otherwise it's going great! :-)

I'll try to get pics and videos posted this weekend. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! :-)
2008-06-29  (baby has arrived)
Last day of being 19 months!
Tomorrow the kids will be TWENTY MONTHS OLD!! Holy crap. That seems soooo close to 2 years old. Wow. They are doing awesome - they mimic everything we say now! Their new faves are "uh-oh" and "ow" lol. They're so much fun! They are napping and sleeping pretty well (though Giovanna talked to herself for AN HOUR AND A HALF before finally conking out last night! - "Dah bahbee? Dah bahbee? Dahdoh puhpee?" over and over and over). For the most part, we can put them down to sleep and they will fall asleep on their own! It's so nice! They're consistently down to 1 nap per day, usually from 12 to 3. If they are in the car a lot, their nap schedule gets wonky, but it doesn't usually affect bedtime, thankfully.

Well, here's the newest pics!

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