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Baby has arrived!

2008-09-05  (baby has arrived)
22 months!
Wow, the kids are 22 months already!! Less than 2 months until they are TWO!!! That's just ridiculous.

Not a lot new going on around here... the kids are still mimicking us constantly. We're REALLY having to watch our mouths, even Kyle. (Don't get any bright ideas, Uncle Tory and Uncle Matt!).

We went to Bellingham last weekend and the kids started calling Grampa Rick "Pop!" (Mom, you'll be amused to know they call both you and Rick "Pop" when they see pics of either of you. You two are obviously permanently linked in their heads, lol!). We got to spend a lot of time with Grammy and Pop, as well as GG and Auntie Christi, and we got to see Tory and Sasha, and even Kelly and baby Hazel!

Grammy (my mom, Cindi) got the kids each a baby doll - their first ones! Giovanna IMMEDIATELY was obsessed with them. She started calling them babies right away, and pointing out all of their features (eyes, nose, ears, hair, tummy...) and carrying them with her everywhere. Roman... not so much. He pointed out features when I asked him to, but was much more interested in the balls and vehicle toys. Anyone who knows us knows we're into treating the kids equally - we would never encourage one to do something gender-stereotypical. Yet, they picked up gender-stereotyped toys! It really surprised me how strong their inclinations were. We really don't watch enough TV or play with other kids regularly enough for them to have picked it up from somewhere!

Even since we've been home, Giovanna has generally chosen the baby dolls to take on walks, and Roman has chosen a ball or frisbee, lol. Amazing!

No more peeing (or pooping) on the potty. :-(   They do sit on it for a minute or two when we're going potty, but otherwise, they just aren't too interested.

They're doing great eating with utensils. They still get a lot on their shirt when eating with a spoon, but at least an equal amount gets into their mouths, lol!

That's about it today. Here's the pics from the last few weeks:
2008-08-24  (baby has arrived)
Now ROMAN peed on the potty!!!

Kyle was in the bathroom with them this time as they sat on their potties. Roman started peeing, but his junk was sticking up too much so it got on daddy's foot, lmao! Kyle helped him poke it down and he peed into the potty!!


I know they aren't going to be really potty trained for awhile, but it's still AWESOME!!!  
2008-08-23  (baby has arrived)
Giovanna peed on the potty!!!

I'm so excited! Several times, Giovanna has said "POOP!" and then pooped in her diaper, so today when she said it, I took her to the potty, stripped her nekkid, and asked her to sit down. She sat for a few minutes, reading a magazine, then peed! She stayed seated and tried to look under her butt, lol. She said "pee?" and I said "Yeah! Good job baby girl! You went peeeee! Yay!!!!!!" She just kinda smiled like, "Yeah, I'm awesome."It was only a little bit, but I think she kind of figured out what those potties are really for, now - not just sitting on to mimic mommy, lol.

That was a few hours ago, and she still hasn't pooped. Probably will when she wakes up from her nap, lol.

I don't really expect her to be potty trained completely, of course, but it sure is encouraging! :-)

2008-08-13  (baby has arrived)
Time is FLYING!
Wow - I can't believe the kids are almost TWO!! HOLY CRAP!!

There are many new words every day, now. A recent one is "door" and "aaah-low" (for Hello - used to be "Hi" "Hey" or "Hi guys" lol) which is how they always answer fake phones now. Then they say "bye" and slam or throw the "phones" down.

They sort of have names for each other now:

Giovanna calls Roman "Maman" and herself "Manah." (She calls me Mommy, and calls Kyle Mama or Na-Mama).

Roman calls Giovanna "Ahm-ah" and himself "Mo-mah" (or something like that). (He calls me Mama, and Kyle Da-Mama).

To the untrained ear they all sound the same, lol.

Up until very recently, they never liked to have their hands or feet dirty. In fact, they'd go "ewwww!" and run to us with dirty hands, and if dirt or bark gets in their shoes (especially Giovanna), they whine and don't move until we come get her and shake their shoes out. Fine with me - 2 less things to clean, lol.

So in the last few days, the kids have decided that playing in the dirt is fun. Making piles, loading handfulls onto the bottom of the slide, throwing it in the air, getting it in their hair... they've learned to dust off their own hands so they don't come running to us anymore (unless the dirt is damp, then they still do, lol). They still hate getting dirt in their shoes, though. Part of me is happy that they are learning to get dirty and have fun. The other part of me realizes I will definitely have to bathe them every day now.

I am still reeling at how old they are getting and how much they can do. Other parents on the playground don't seem to understand that, though. They will rush to the bottom of slides to catch our kids, who have terrific braking skills and almost never fall off the end. And when they do, they usually laugh. Our kids are more agile and tough on the playground than a lot of other kids, lol. I think that's neat. :-)

Here's the most recent pics and videos!

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