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2008-01-02  (baby has arrived)

Okay...since I am no longer pregnant I have created a new blog to keep up with Riley!!! 

Here is the link...

Hope you all had a Happy New Year and thanks for keeping up with all that is going on in our world...we hope you continue to keep up with little Riley as she grows up!


The Purcells

2007-12-25  (baby has arrived)
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!  We are having a wonderful Christmas and our first week with Riley has gone really well.  She is such a laid back baby and we are content just watching her little faces while she sleeps all day!  Our nights have been pretty regularity yet, but we are getting the hang of things.  My parents have been here and Jason's aunt and grandmother are in town as well.  We made our first trek outside the house on Sunday and went to lunch and to Target and she slept through the entire adventure so all went well.  We took her to the candlelight service at church yesterday and she did great and slept through the whole service as well...and our praise and worship is pretty loud!!!  We were treated to Nani's famous spaghetti and meatballs last night at our house and today we are at Jason's parents house eating yet again!  We have had lots of visitors to our house to meet little Riley so although I haven't been out of the house much it doesn't feel like it!  Our small group has made sure that we have dinner brought to our house for a couple of weeks which is awesome!!!  We are so blessed!

I have another blog at that I have created since I am no longer pregnant and when I get that up and running I will post a link here so you can continue to keep up with Riley and all that she is doing.  It is amazing how much she seems to have changed even within the first week of her life!  She can really hold her head up if she wants to and we have had the privilege of catching a few smiles out of her while she is sleeping...they are so cute!  She is a content baby and we are very blessed and in love with her!  We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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