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2009-03-08  (32 weeks)
In the home stretch

So only about 8 more weeks until Elise (or Elyse) (maybe Renee) makes her appearance.  We're slowly getting prepared, lol.

Anyway, we took these pics about 2 weeks ago and hope to get some more in April when my Internship is over and I have a little more 'down" time.

2009-01-23  (26 weeks)
oops, been quite a while

I finally, just tonight, loaded the ultrasound pics onto photobucket...

did you see her foot at the top????  All those cute little toes....I'm so excited!

And here's the "money shot"  The three white "lines" between her V shaped legs mean a girl somehow...


I still haven't gained much more weight, but my belly is filling out.  Not quite growing out larger, but filling out up top and on the sides.  Maybe I'll get a picture this weekend.  She measures just perfect and is moving a lot. 

Have I mentioned we are thinking of naming her Elise (or Elyse...gotta pick a spelling)




2008-12-30  (22 weeks)
Some pics

I need to get my desktop computer hooked back up so I can scan the ultrasound pics, but until then, here are a few "belly shots" and part of a mini shopping spree...

notice the hand placed strategically over my bruises from the shots.

I bought premie sized outfits for the first couple weeks, since thefirst 3 kids swam in newborn and 0-3 months

2008-12-25  (21 weeks)
IT's A ......


Found out last week, but didn't tell anyone until yesterday!  She is growing and measuring right on track and we are thrilled that Autumn will have the baby brother and baby sister that she wants :)

Merry Christmas!


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