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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2011-11-18  (37 weeks)

Holy crap my pelvis hurts! The baby is engaged, hanging out deep in my pelvis and it feels like she’ll fall out at any moments. My hips and pelvic/pubic bones are always achey. Sometimes I get some painful stabbing pains too. But they make me happy- it reminds me that I’ll be anytime now.


As of today I am considered full term. Now, I WISH that meant baby would be coming ASAP but it doesn’t. It mostly means that if I had the baby now she wouldn’t be considered a preemie.


I’ve been busying myself with things like packing my hospital bag, stocking up on post-partum goodies and making sure baby’s laundry is all done. Pat and I are staying at my moms for at least one week after she is born so I can recover without having to negotiate the stairs at our 3-floor walk-up.


I am finishing up my hypnobirthing classes on Sunday. Next Tuesday, Pat and I will be touring the pediatrician’s office – Peanut will have the same pediatrician that I had! The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we are getting a tour of Labor & Delivery at Children’s.


It’s all so real now and I just can’t wait to hold baby girl in my arms. Pat is more excited now and he’s been a champ- cooking dinner, doing the dishes, making the bed, and the best part is that he’s been giving me perineal massages EVERY night. I’m pretty sure it’s the last thing he wants to do but it’s supposed to be helpful during labor so we’re going for it.


I still haven’t gotten the completion package thing from Babies R Us, which stresses me out a bit because I was counting on that coupon to buy my breast pump! I’m trying to keep the anxiety at a minimum though, because I hear that anxiety can make your body clam up and prohibit the onset of labor. Worst comes to worst, I’ll get the breast pump after I have her. I don’t think I’ll need it for a while anyway.


Now that I’m full term I’ll also be indulging in some fun labor-inducing wive’s tales. If not to get labor going, then at least to preserve my own sanity.


Evening primrose oil is great for ripening the cervix (and I can attest to this first-hand)- it’s already working for me. Spicy food, pineapple, accupressure and excessive walking (while staying hydrated of course) will be the first things I try over the next week. I won’t do any of the more questionable techniques (like castor oil or enemas or black cohosh) unless I become overdue and it looks like I might have to be induced.


So... it’s just a waiting game now and I can’t wait to cuddle our little bug in my arms. I’m also looking forward to nursing and bathing her. Can’t wait!! I’ll keep you all updated on my “progress” or lack thereof.


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