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2008-01-28  (baby has arrived)
Moving to a New Blog.

Because this is a baby journal, I decided to change it up a bit and start blogging.  Please keep up with us here--

See ya there!

2007-12-13  (baby has arrived)
New words & New adventures!

Oh Christmas Time! Oh Christmas Time, how quickly you're upon us!

This time of year is a beautiful, hectic, amazing mess.  Daniel is finally home for good, we have two amazing children, our shopping is nowhere near being done, the weather is crazy, we're surrounded by family & yet in all the madness I can only think of reasons to be thankful and joyous!  Jesus Christ our Lord was born in a manger to come to this earth only to die as if he was a thief.  He died to save us!  How humbling to know that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords wanted US to feel the beauty of this season!!!

I cannot wait to see Nora's face on Christmas morning this year!  She has so many expressions and is talking so much now that I just know she is going to be beside herself.  As of today, on a regular basis, she is saying:
dada, Dora, backpack, yes, hot, juice, toast, santa, hohoho, and probably many more that I just cant think of.  It has been the most fun watching her mouth learn to make new sounds.  She is so incredibly smart and vibrant and full of life.  I have never in my life seen someone so beautiful.  She literally takes my breath away most days.

Braden has many accomplishments of his own lately!  He has rolled over, but not lately.  He is holding his head up SO good now and wants to sit up all the time.  He is calming down a little bit each day but is still very high maintenance and exhausting most of the time.  He smiles, coos, and giggles like never before and to me--that makes it all worth it!  He is SO handsome!  His eyes are the biggest ever and he looks around with so much wonder.  He wants to play so bad he cant stand it!  He smiles at Nora and loves to watch her bounce around.  He is growing and changing and I love him more every day.

Daniel is currently waiting on the post office to give him the go ahead in the hiring process.  His interview went well and things are looking good.  He is excited and anxious to get this career underway.  His desire is to provide for us the best he can and I know this will make him feel proud to be doing that.  He is still helping with worship once a week in youth group at our church and enjoys it very much.  He has such a heart for God and I am so glad that he is finally home and able to be active in our church and the young people's lives.

I am learning more about these children and about myself every day!  I recently went to the eye doctor and told him of how my neck was aching from straining my eyes.  He is working on setting up an appointment with a specialist in St. Louis dealing with my nystagmous.  Please keep that whole situation in your prayers and I will keep you updated! 

Thank God for his unending love, faithfulness, mercy and grace.  I cannot express how blessed I feel every single day.  What a peace to know that we are in His will and it is pleasing to our Lord!  What a wonderful life!

2007-12-02  (baby has arrived)
What's new in our lives...

Hello all!!!  I wanted to take a few minutes to update this because I havent had much time to do so lately.  The kids are keeping me so busy and on my down time I'm usually doing laundry, dishes or taking a shower.

Braden is 12 weeks old this week!  Time is flying by and he is getting huge!  We have seen him roll over once since his first roll and he is getting more active every day.  He is so vocal now that he has discovered his voice and basically if he's awake, that's all we hear!!!  I weaned him from nursing this past week and he is now on formula for gas and fussiness.  He seems much more content and has had only one or two belly aches in the past week compared to one or two a day that he was having before.  All in all, I am at peace with our decision because I know he is healthy and growing and I am proud of that!  He smiles all the time and has even let out a giggle every now and then.  He is still VERY demanding and high maintenance but I have come to terms with the fact that he is just going to be.  He is so handsome and I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks and months hold for us on his growth journey!!!  When I look into his eyes and see him smile back at me, something inside of me weakens.  He holds something very special in my life.  I cannot describe it quite yet but I do know that the bond with a son is so unique and special!

Nora, our little lady, is SO big and SO smart!  She learned to say "juice" this week so we have added that to the list of things she is beginning to say reguarly.  I am so proud of her every time she learns something new.  I have said it twice this week that she really is like my best friend and she is only 15 months old.  I cannot wait to grow with her and really develop a friendship with this amazing little girl.  She is my rock.  I feel her strength and grace and passion for life already.  She listens and learns and is so vibrant.  She is throwing quite a little fit these days and has almost got it mastered.  We are trying to be patient, but we are learning too--every day we are learning what works and what does not while we teach her and try to discipline her.  All in all she is still such a good baby.  I cannot even describe my love for her.  I miss her when she sleeps and I miss her when I leave, even to go to the store. 

Daniel is doing well.  He has put in his application for a job opening at the post office and things are looking great!  We have prayed that God would close doors and open doors leaving us with no confusion as to which path we should choose and so far He has done just that.  I will be sure to update when we have good news!!!

I am doing well also.  This week was rough because with weaning came alot of mood swings and emotions.  However, I am on the downhill slide of that and feel great overall.  The cold weather is proving to make for a long winter but I am so thankful at this point that Daniel is home with me for good and the babies are safe and healthy.  I cannot ask for anything more.  At this point in my life, I have a peace and a grace that is more sufficient than I ever imagined I would have.  God has supplied all of our needs and continues to do so.  He is so faithful and so loving and I am beyond grateful.  I am looking forward to entering into this new season because with it comes so many opportunities to bless the Lord!!! 

Now...onto Christmas Shopping!  Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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