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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2012-03-29  (baby has arrived)
17 Weeks and KICK'N
I am really enjoying feeling all the movement lately! Just in the last two days I have been feeling lots of punches, kicks, and rolling. They are very faint and sometimes I have to concentrate really hard to feel them. Baby usually moves the most about a half hour after I eat and when I'm laying super still in bed. I'm still getting pretty sick on occasion and using my Zofran when needed, however, it has really let up. I know as time goes on, it will continue to get better and better. I'm so thankful for this. Last weekend we had planned on going to a baby/kid garage sale with my friend (who is also pregnant and about two weeks ahead of me) and her husband and daughter. We all agreed that the sale would be so much easier if we both knew the sexes of our babies. So, Erik took us into the emergency department one afternoon and he ultrasounded our bellies!!! It was SOOOOOOO fun and intimate. I loved our private time watching the baby and can't wait for our official ultrasound. Our friends found out that they were having a boy! We will wait for our official ultrasound until we tell anyone what we saw. :)  
2012-02-26  (baby has arrived)
Second Trimester?

I must be close to the second trimester because I'm starting to feel better and have more energy.  It's so funny that the first time around, I kept such a close eye on how far along I was and checked Baby Center religiously to peek at the pictures that show what the baby possibly would look like at that time.  Being the fourth time around, and being super busy with the other three, I hardly remember that I'm pregnant, let alone which week I'm in!


I still take Zofran on occasion and have to keep a full tummy or I get sick, but I haven't had any weird or obsessive cravings (like I did in the first couple weeks).  I established care here with a resident physician and I'm excited about her personality and her passion for what she does.  We have agreed that we will push this pregnancy as long as I can and won't slice this baby out until around 40 weeks.  This is a very good thing since Erik is scheduled to be in Texas until three days before my due date for Army training.  Hopefully this baby will be like the other three anyway - late!


This pregnancy has been filled with happy times, but also with a lot of stress.  Exactly five weeks ago, Erik was in a ski accident, breaking his clavical and scapula, along with paralyzing his left arm.  For the past five weeks, we've been waiting for something to happen - for some kind of feeling or movement to return to his bum arm.  However, it looks like we'll be wainting longer because nothing has happened.  So many people are praying for Erik and for his healing and we appreciate that so much.  Our family has relied on prayer to get us through this and it seems like God has directed us in the right directions and to the specialties.  They say that if any feeling and/or movement is going to come back, it could take up to six months.  Taking six months off of work is not easy, nor is it easy just to put your life on hold.  Erik is in a tremendous amount of pain, even on pain meds, and I know that he wants nothing more than to get better.  Of course there are always those reoccuring thoughts (rather, nightmares) of having his arm never heal.  It's hard to focus on the positives and not get down in the dumps about the situation.


We have also been praying for and concerned for Erik's grandpa, "Deda."  He was diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing chemo.  His health took a turn for the worse a couple nights ago when he was rushed to the hospital with a perrferated bowel.  He had an emergency surgery and is now in the ICU, trying to recover.  With a body that is in the middle of a chemo regimin, he doesn't have much to fight off infections that can accompany the surgery.  A trip down to Oklahoma is planned for in the near future to see him and the rest of our family there.


The pregnancy has definitely been one of the little lights during this dark time and I have enjoyed having Erik around the house to help while I've been so nauseated and tired, and also to enjoy the growing bump!  Last week I felt the baby kick one night while laying in bed.  He (she?) kicked twice and then that was it.  Two days later I felt it one other time, but have felt nothing since.  I can't wait to feel more movement and know that will come soon!  My next appointment is this week and I hope we get to see the baby again on ultrasound.  Last appointment, our little baby looked so similar to a panda bear on the ultrasound!  It's fun to watch baby grow!  In about eight weeks we'll be able to tell if it is a boy or a girl and I can not wait to find out!!!

2012-01-17  (baby has arrived)
Pickles, Lemons, and Zofran
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have NEVER been so sick in all of my pregnancies. So nauseated, gagging and puking all around the clock. I can't even sleep at night! Erik finally got me some Zofran, but only 30 pills. That has to last me a month, so I've been rationing them. I'm also having VERY VEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYY strong cravings for pickles and lemons. Tonight for dinner, I ate french toast with sliced pickles on top and it was SO good! :)  
2012-01-02  (baby has arrived)
Number Four
Just when we think we have life all figured out, God gives us simple reminders that it's really HIM who has it figured out and we need to rely on Him and on His timing. Two months ago I had a miscarriage of an unexpected pregnancy. Two days before Christmas, I took FOUR pregnancy tests to determine that we are, for the fourth time, surprisingly expecting. :) We have now told the kids, the family, and some close friends. All of my pregnancies have brought joy and happiness, but this time around it has brought triple the joy and happiness with Maida, Skogen, and Klaasen excited about the baby, too! I'm so very early, yet, so of course we're praying a lot for the health of the pregnancy and baby. Hopefully soon we'll establish care with someone and be able to hear the heartbeat and see the little peanut up on the big screen. My cousin, Melody, and my sister-in-law, Karlie, (along with several friends) are expecting right now, too. I'm so excited to meet their babies and I'm looking forward to watching my bump grow along with theirs. Yay!  

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